Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year, Quilters

I wasn't sure we would even have a new year - those crazy Mayans, scaring us like that. What's coming up in 2013 for the Sentimental Quilter? This year there will be more free patterns for small quilts to go along with our Second Annual challenge to make One Small Quilt a Month in 2013.

One pattern in particular I know you will love is coming in late January or early Feb (Of course, I have not started on it yet but I will soon). Plus, PLUS, a fantastic giveaway in a few weeks that is so good you will not believe it. So, keep coming back. I've got some other good things planned for this year.

The kick-off quilt for January is a small quilt of your choice from one of my books or patterns. Buy or borrow a book if you don't already have one, or visit my website for some free patterns, then make a quilt. January's quilt was originally planned to be an extension of last year's challenge - one more for good luck - when I thought you were making 12 quilts and STOPPING there. Silly quilters, many of you want to continue making MORE small quilts this year too. So I will do my best to encourage you and nag you to finish them as much as I can. If you weren't able to finish 12 quilts in 2012, then maybe it will happen in 2013, which is still pretty good because I know many of you make lots of other projects as well.


Have  you made this one yet? (from American Doll Quilts)
How about this one?? (Red Schoolhouse from Prairie Children)
These may be among the quilts used for the monthly challenge this year.

One way I hope to encourage you is through my new Twitter account and you may want to follow me and sign up for my inspirational "tweets."  Whaaat? Yes, I know, I said I would never go this far, I would draw the line at doing a blog and that was it. I never ever wanted a Twitter account and still do not want a Facebook page but, what the heck. The times they are a-changing -
"Come gather 'round people
Wherever you roam
And admit that the waters
Around you have grown
And accept it that soon
You'll be drenched to the bone.
If your time to you
Is worth savin'
Then you better start swimmin'
Or you'll sink like a stone
For the times they are a-changin'."
                     -The Times They Are A-changing by Bob Dylan (1963)

No siree, I do not wish to sink like a stone. For those of you who are reading this, shaking your heads and looking at me quizzically - Twitter?? What's a Twitter? Here's the deal. Twitter is yet another way to stay connected and share information with people who like the same things. You can get "tweets,"  which are short lines of text (words or sometimes photos or links) from me on your phone (just download the Twitter App on your iPhone or Smartphone) or by going to the Twitter website and reading them there. Probably through e-mail too. (Not sure, I'm still a novice.)
Despite the fact that I hate the high schooly "popularity" aspect of all of these social media platforms - the more friends and likes you have the more successful or popular you must be (yuck, some are really obsessed with this) - I think Twitter may be a really good use of technology to keep some of you on track with annoying reminders from me to get your quilts finished each month. (And perhaps some other fun stuff and inspirational tips as well.) So tune in now and then to see if it's working.

I remember when Ashton Kutcher was once proclaimed the King of Twitter after reaching 1 million followers a few years ago. He now has over 13 million followers on Twitter but has been dramatically upstaged by Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber, who are neck in neck with over 35 million followers. Maybe if I can figure out a way to get Ashton or Bieber to follow ME, I will also have a million zillion friends and I can be popular too. The POPE has a Twitter page, for goodness sake, so it can't be all bad.

I promise I will try NOT to tweet about my breakfast or the temperature in Chicago. I don't think. Maybe, I don't know, depends on what I make for breakfast or if I run out of inspiration for this after 3 or 4 days. Can't promise I won't tell you what I am reading or what's for dinner though. First Tweet will be coming soon - Today, January 1st. Be ready, quilters - you don't want to miss any of the many pearls of wisdom that will be spouting from this fount.


LesQuilts said...

Hi Kathleen!
Could you copy your tweets into an email too, I do not want to miss any valuable pearls...
Happy New Year, looking forward to more challenges!
Take care, Leslie

liz said...

I'm glad you are doing another year. I only got three done last year BUT I will do better this year : )

Heartsdesire said...

Thanks so much, Kathie, for going ahead with the 2013 quilt challenge. I really enjoyed 2012's challenge. I don't Twitter as yet, but if you can do it, it can't be all bad. I need a new phone, so perhaps and iphone is in the works. Looking forward to all you have to offer this year, hope it's a great one for you.

Kathleen Tracy said...

Sorry - Twitter is not working for me right now. I am sorry but I am not planning to individually e-mail my tweets if I ever get it to work. Hope you understand. -K

Beckyjean said...

Didn't have time last year to quilt much, but looking forward to quilting again this year. Hope I can keep up. No twitter for me. I don't even have a smart phone yet.

Enjoy your day~Becky

Yvonne Rupe said...

Hi Kathleen - I'm following you on Twitter! I look forward to your upcoming tweets. For those that don't have smart phones, you can follow Twitter on your PC, tablet, or whatever device you use to read this blog. Just go to Twitter.com, set up an account, search for Kathleen Tracy and click follow. Easy Peasy!

I joined late in the year so I didn't get any of the 2012 challenge quilts done. I'm really looking forward to doing the 2012 challenge quilts.

Thanks for all the inspiration! Yvonne

Me and My Stitches said...

You go girl! I started a Twitter account when it first became "the thing to do" and I don't think I've looked at it since! No clue what my passwords are...

Anonymous said...

Its not the Mayans who are crazy . Its the people who believed them that are!

Colleen said...

Okay, I started a Twitter Account just now...so I can follow you! I don't have a smart phone but I am one smart chickadee so I can follow on my PC. Now I have to find you so I can follow you!

Sue said...

While I can honestly say I will NEVER do twitter....been there done it...again, I will try hard to keep up withe the small quilt challenge. I fell way short last challenge but there is always hope for me. I just love your small quilts and do need the prodding so ill try to stay prodded by way of the blog.

Have a wonderful new year!

Nancy said...

I see I am not the only one who doesn't Twitter....so guess we will just keep watching on here and miss out on the rest. Love your little quilts and do have a couple of your books!!

Sally Hurst said...

I just got an iPhone and set up a Twitter acct. I looked you up to follow you, but there are a lot of Kathleen Tracy's. What is your Twitter name, please?

Pom said...

Bonne et heureuse année à vous.

Garigo said...

Twitter n'est pas pour moi mais les minis quilts ouiiiiiii! Bonne et heureuse année!

Kathleen Tracy said...

My Twitter name is KathleenKTracy - you can click on the first Twitter link in the post above to get there.

Sally said...

Glad we're going to contiue with the small quilts for 2013! thanks (off to do my choice, schoolhouse one, for Jan.)

Rosa said...

I hope you still post here because i don´t have a Twitter account and love see your little quilts.

Happy New Year full of wonderful things!!

Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

I just finished a small Hexie runner and now have the last two to finish up for 2012. I have learned a lot with this challenge and enjoyed it. I ended up liking the 9 patch the best!
No twitter for me..its just too much to keep up with..facebook, blogs etc.
I can't continue for 12 more small quilts for 2013 because I have my own challenge going but I will be following along to see what everyone else is doing!
Thank you and Happy New Year!

maya pique said...

because of a friend on the blog i discovered your blog ! i'm a big fan ! everything is beautiful !!!! wish you an happy new year !!! kisses from france !

Darlene D said...

I love your little quilts!! I'll be "trying" to make one a month too! Remembering Amelia has been a favourite since I first saw it! Thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

I feel sure you must have some of the original Quilters Newsletter in 4 page paper format.

Barbara Cissne


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