Friday, December 28, 2012

Gallery of Quilts

We're winding down the challenge to make 12 small quilts this year. One a month - there's only a few days left to finish up. A couple of my blog posts recently focused on some of those who made all of the quilts this year. I thought you'd also like to see photos of other quilts that were posted on my Flickr group. Pretty cool, huh?
My Signature quilt from Prairie Children

I was going to gather individual photos from you and create a slide show of all of the quilts and show you at the end, when the challenge was over, but that's a lot of work and time and I think it would be easier if you upload your own photos of the quilts and let everyone see them in the Flickr Gallery as we are finishing up.
Flickr is a photo sharing site run by Yahoo. If you are unfamiliar with it, here's some info that will help you navigate the site. If you are in my Yahoo group, you already have a Yahoo account and the rest should be easy. To post photos to the Flickr group - Quilts Designed by Kathleen Tracy - just join the group and follow the directions to upload a photo or two (or perhaps 12?). They have to be made from a pattern designed by me -  either in one of my books or from the individual patterns on my website. They do not have to be quilts from this year-long challenge either, they can be from any of my quilt patterns. Remember, also, that they can be YOUR interpretation of one of those quilts, so they do not have to look exactly like mine. I get a kick out of seeing what some of you come up with.

It looks like some of you in my Yahoo group SmallQuiltTalk want to continue challenging yourselves to make one small quilt a month from patterns in my books AGAIN next year too -  that's 12 MORE quilts if you kept up and finished the ones we did this year. Like chips, you can never have too many small quilts I guess. I will do my best to select one each month for you to work on.

It's been decided that the quilt for January will be one of your own choosing. Pick a quilt from one of my books or patterns that you have not made and just MAKE it, okay? Pretty soon you too will have a lot of small quilts you don't quite know what to do with. Like that little old quilter who lived in a shoe . . . . she had so many quilts she didn't know what to do.

But, before you begin January's quilt, have any of you actually finished Turkey Tracks for December??? I've seen it made in other colorways and it looks wonderful.



Gale, Ky quilter said...

I love, love, love small quilts. I have two of your books, Remembering Adelia & Prairie Children & Their Quilts. I definitely want to do one a month this year. I am normally a hand sewer but these I will do on my machine. I'm excited and since I don't have a blog this will be a way to showcase some of my work. Thank you & Happy New Year!

Betty Lou said...

Count me in for the 2013 challenge. Can't wait to get out my K.T. books and get back to sewing after the holidays. So many quilts, so little time.

Kindred Quilts said...

I'm a newbie signing up for 2013, and I'm looking forward to making a mini a month! Tonight I will go through my books of your patterns and pick one that I haven't made. This will be a good weekend to start one!

Marsha said...

I have really enjoyed making the small quilts this year. I have them all except for the ones of Nov. and Dec. We are remodeling our kitchen and the sewing has just stopped for now. I will get those made and more in 2013! Thanks Kathy for the inspiration.

marian said...

Kathy, i've really enjoyed the quilt-a-month challenge this year and i look forward to another year of SQ challenges in 2013, the more small quilts the better lol!!!
btw i'm just about finished quilting my turkey tracks quilt and if all goes to plan i will definitely get it finished before Jan 1!!!!
Happy New Year :)))

Anonymous said...

Kathy, I had a lot of making a quilt a month with you and I'm looking forward to doing it again. Happy New Year and thanks for the fun!! Karen/IL.

LesQuilts said...

I have also been participating in 2012 and want to for 2013! Some months, I participated better than others, LOL.
Thank you for all you do!
Take care, Happy New Year, Leslie

Penny said...

I am new to this group. I am looking forward to making this years quilts along with all of you.

Karen said...

It was a wonderful challenge, and I gave it my all. Didn't get all 12 done, but what I did make got me thru some of the darkest hours I've ever experienced. I might just carry on over to 2013 and finish up for myself. I know my grandson would love it...he thinks the little bed with the quilts is for Rabbit and puts R to bed every visit to Nana's :-)
Looking forward to seeing what the new year has in store with the group.

Marijke said...

Groetjes van Marijke

Supergoof said...

Heel veel GELUK in 2013 from The Netherlands!!


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