Monday, August 27, 2012

Last Call for August Quilts

If you are keeping up with our One Small Quilt a Month challenge this year, you still may be working on your Little Coins quilt for August. Hurry up and finish because you will surely love the quilt I have chosen for September.

I've taken mine out of the garden and put it on my small wall of quilts . . . . Mind you, if I had the house, I could fill up 80 walls with my small quilts.

I wish I had more wall space. At least I can look at them and smile as I go up and down the stairs 30 times a day. Perhaps this is why I make small quilts, LOL - because I have a small house with an open floor plan and lots of windows and not much room to display them on walls. I haven't quite expanded into the bathrooms - yet.

Just so some of you know, we started this challenge in January 2012 when I saw so many photos of quilts on walls and thought I could inspire you all to make one quilt a month, for a quilt wall of your very own. So many of you had e-mailed me, telling me you wished you could find the time to make some of the small quilts from my books. So I decided to goad you on - challenging you to make a certain quilt every month. I am still convinced that if you take it in small steps, a few hours a week, every week, you can make one small quilt a month without spending too much time and still have lots of time left over for your other projects.
I know, I know, you're not alone - I have a pile of quilts I still need to finish too.
I am pleased that so many of you have accomplished this goal, and, even if you have not kept up and made all 8 quilts so far, at least you've probably made more than a few. Let's have a big show and tell in January to celebrate, with photos of all of your quilts. If you care to send me your photos I will start collecting them and then put them together into a slide show in January for everyone to see. You will deserve the applause.

Our challenge throughout this year was all about organizing and disciplining yourselves and committing to making more small quilts. Don't forget, if you don't particularly like one of the quilts I've suggested or do not have that book, that's okay - find another little quilt you can substitute. If not 12, then how about six? Better than nothing.
We have 4 more quilts to make this year. In a week or so I will give you a free pattern for another one, for September, so stay tuned. My daughter is going back to college in less than 2 weeks and we are all crazy busy right now so please be patient if I post it a few days after Sept. 1.  I'm doing my best!
My friend Julia's little hearts quilt from one of my patterns. Wouldn't this look too adorable on a wall??


Radka said...

I love your wall display! How do you hang your quilts, there is nothing showing?

Kathleen Tracy said...

Command Strips for hanging things, made by 3M. They stick well but come off without leaving any marks or sticky residue, either on the quilts or the wall. Thanks for that tip, Karen.

Rosa said...

Love your mini wall,looks fabulous!!
Thanks for sharing that tip,I`ll try to find it.

Jen said...

I still need to quilt my August quilt! I hope to finish it this week though. I am really glad you issued this challenge, Kathy! It has been a lot of fun and I've learned a lot about myself in the process. If you take a few extra days to announce the September quilt, you shouldn't worry about it. Family always comes first!

LesQuilts said...

Thank you Kathy!
I have done 6 of 8 quilts and have really enjoyed them! I echo Jen's comments about looking after your daughter 1st and then us!
Take care, Leslie

Janet O. said...

I just barely started following your blog and didn't know about this project. However, I have been making a slew of mini quilts this year--and I do have your book. I will try and keep up from here on out. Looks like fun!

Maresca said...

Ciao, รจ da un po' di tempo che ti seguo... fai dei lavori bellissimi! Ho acquistato quasi tutti i tuoi libri, mi ci vorrebbe tanto tempo... ma il lavoro e la famiglia occupano la maggior parte della mia giornata.
Nonostante tutto ho deciso di aprire un blog, se ogni tanto mi vieni a far visita mi farebbe piacere. Ciao, Maresca.

Me and My Stitches said...

You know that I love all of your little quilts! I have not committed to making them with you this year, but I have committed to watching everyone else's progress...does that count?

Shasta Matova said...

Your quilts are so beautiful, and they look so beautiful on the stairway wall. I don't have the proper wall space for a doll quilt wall either, but that doesn't stop me from making them for when I do (after I win the lottery!) I am making your coins quilt this month - my first this year! It would be great if we could showcase all of our quilts in a show.

Betsy said...

All your quilts are adorable. I would so have loved to have made a coins mini but I just found your blog.

Quilter Kim said...

Just found your blog and love the idea of one small quilt a month. Will try and start in September.

Radka said...

Thank you, I will have to try that :-)


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