Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Make a Sweet Doll Pillow

The quilt for this month has a matching pillow and I always get asked about the pattern when I show it with the quilt during trunk shows. No, sorry to say, it is not in the book we're using this month. I just made it up to go along with that quilt after the book was published. All doll quilts need a pillow but especially this one.

I used ticking fabric for the actual pillow and some extra border fabric for the pillowcase. 

First, cut a 6"  x   9"  rectangle from ticking or striped fabric for the pillow.

I couldn't find any more of the ticking I used in the original pillow so I substituted this pretty Jo Morton stripe. Fold the rectangle in half, right sides together, and stitch a 1/4 inch seam along the 3 raw edges, leaving a 2" opening for turning. Turn the pillow right side out and fold and press the opening 1/4 inch under, which I think makes it easier to stitch it closed later. Stuff with polyfil and close the opening with a simple slip stitch like this.

Or, you can use a pin like I did to make it easier to slip stitch the pieces together.

Next, cut a 7"  x  10" rectangle from your pillowcase fabric.

Fold one long edge under 1/4 inch and press, then fold 1/4 inch under again so there is no raw edge. Stitch along the folded edge to make a hem. Try to do a better job than I did, LOL. I rushed a little.

Before you sew the pillow case together you can stitch a little line of decorative stitches in a darker or contrasting thread about an inch or more away from the hemmed edge. Sew a length of matching ribbon for decoration as well if you wish.

Then, fold this piece in half, right sides together, and stitch 1/4 away from the edge along 2 sides. Do NOT get carried away and sew the hemmed opening shut. Turn right side out and your pillow case is finished. The case should be slightly larger than the pillow so you can easily slip it inside.

Add a bow if you like.

This is a very cute little project isn't it?  And so easy to adjust the size to match either a larger or smaller quilt. There is a similar pincushion project in The Civil War Sewing Circle based on this little pillow, with an eyelet or lace edge. This one is made a little differently, pillow and case all in one piece, and the directions are in the book.

 I KNOW! These are just the cutest little things.

So now you have something else to try this week as you also finish up putting the borders on your little blue and white quilt. Don't you love making quick little projects? Early Christmas gifts perhaps??

We're closing in on the end of another month and, on Friday, I hope to have another Stencil GIVEAWAY on the blog. (Yay! you all say.) But first I have to make something I can use the stencil on to demonstrate to you how cute the one we're giving away is. There will be FOUR lucky stencil winners this time.

-  x  -  x  -  x  -  x

A heads up for all of you quilters in or near Illinois - I will have a small booth at the Galesburg Quilt Show on August 11-12, put on by the Piecemakers Quilt Guild of Galesburg, IL I will be signing books and showing some of my quilts.

Quilt show hrs - Saturday, 10:00 am - 4:00 PM, Sunday 11:00 am - 4:00 PM
  Over 250 quilts on display. National Quilting Association judging and Viewer's Choice Awards. Featured Author/Quilter: Kathleen Tracy

Carl Sandburg College, 2232 S. Lake Storey Road, Bldg D, Galesburg IL

Maybe I will see some of you there??


Ada said...

Heel erg mooi en leuke kadootjes !

Amish Stories said...

Very nice work. Richard

Me and My Stitches said...

Can't wait for the quilt show...I'm planning to attend. Love your cute little pillows!

Colleen said...

Those are just too darn cute! Love the decorative stitches, they really finish is off nicely. Thank you for sharing. Wish I was near Illinois...:(

Leeanne said...

SEW cute!

Ольга Т. said...

Интересная идея! Можно стирать, ухаживать и менять. Спасибо!

marian said...

what a little cutie! i've got a few hourglass blocks left over from my quilt which i think i might use to make the pillow :))
Wish i lived closer i'd love to come to the quilt show :((

SueB said...

I wish I were going to the quilt show.. Yes your little pillow is adorable.

Louise said...

I love making that sweet little pillow pinkeep. I have gifted one to no less than 6 of my friends. I have a stash of vintage tatting that I like to use on them.

Sally said...

Wish I could go to the quilt show, but I'm back in AZ after a trip to Marion, IN (had hoped to see you there!) Too far to travel again! The pilllow is darling and will look great with my Indigo, Cadet blue and cream quilt!

Scattered Threads said...

Very cute. I will have to make one or two.
Thank you.

Titamomo said...

Just adorable! Will do some for me, this size is perfect!


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