Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Giveaway Winner

I have to say, all of you played along with me on this one rather nicely, LOL. I'm sure there were some who thought I was absolutely nuts, though. I really needed a silly distraction and a little fun and I hope you all had some fun too. Can you believe it? Dress #1 came in first, followed closely by The RED Dress. In case you didn't read the comments, here are some of my favorites:

  • Go for the red, hot, hot!! --QuiltinMama
  • Absolutely #7. This is no time to be shy. Go for it! Hubby will love it! --Grandma Rita
  • #7 It's a good thing to shake a husband up once in a while ;) --Melody
  • Red one - it has the most fabric in the dress, therefore, you will have more to cut up and put in lots of special quilts after you wear it to the awards!!!! --Kristy in Ohio (She thinks just like a quilter, doesn't she?)
  • I think #1 is the winner- Go for elegant - you could make a shawl of hexagons from your scraps. -- Peg from NJ (Good idea! I sure have a lot of hexagons already made and I do need to do something with them . . .)
  • Oh dahling, you must wear number 2 -- all your lovely scraps would go so well over it. Rip off the ruffle and add prairie points.—Bonnie (Yes! I can visualize it!)
  • And number 4 is also ok but more for skinny people – Heleen (Thanks a bunch, Heleen.)
  • Love the color blue too, but I think the neckline might hit your waistline. --Karen  (I know exactly what you're saying here . . . .)
  • OMG......# 4 YES #4, and if that dress could make my thighs look that good, well....I'm just saying I'd wear the damn thing night and day, to the grocery store too!! –Wendy (I'm right there with you, Wendy. I don't see any pockets, where would I keep my coupons??)
  • Love love #2 in the blue! What I love best about it is the ruffled neckline which I think will draw the eye away from anywhere you would not like to be focused. Does that make sense? --Louise  (What are you trying to say, Louise? That my hips are too big, LOL?)
You guys crack me up and I wish we were all  in one big quilt guild together - think of the fun we'd have!

*  *  *

So, last night, before he went to bed, My Random Number Generator picked -  Diane H  of Ontario, Canada, as the winner of the 3 fat quarters of Alice's Washday Blues! Congratulations, Diane! Send me your address. Make a cute little quilt, okay?

It's still not too late to vote - go to  and choose your favorites.

1 comment:

Diane H said...

Thank you very much, Kathleen. I'm thrilled to have won. Best of luck to you and I'll speak for all your fans and say we can't wait to see you on the podium!


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