Monday, March 15, 2010

Quilter's survey--oops!

Sorry about that if the most recent post did not make sense--I hit publish way too soon by mistake last night and you all got to read my unfinished blog post! Caught it this morning. If I have time today I might actually finish it . . .


Quilting Corner said...

We enjoy the old and the new. Most of our members are new to quilting. Therefore we are open to all that quilting has to offer.

Susan said...

That's funny, I thought I saw your post one minute and then the next minute it was gone.
I have to say I do agree with you, people tend to want to make it fast nowadays. But there are still plenty of quilters who are content to put in their little stitches, one by one, not worrying about how long it takes, just enjoying the process. There are all types of quilters nowadays, and I like that!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I must be out of the loop as well because I am 40 something and I am a fan of Jinny Beyer, all hand pieced and all hand quilted, as well as traditional patterns. I like to make quilts that were made by our great grandmothers and yes I like to buy fabric. I do tend to like the idea that you made a quilt with the fabric you have available and the process is what I like so it takes time and am not into rush rush it out with machine.
I have made modern quilts, but they don't satisfy my desires LOL. I do enjoy making old patterns with bright new fabrics though.


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