Wednesday, March 17, 2010

On the Road Again

My book is finished and I got a GPS last Christmas so I can get just about anywhere now! I know this is sort of late notice (I know, I know, I should have posted this before), but I wanted to remind anyone who's interested that I will be speaking to the Pride of the Prairie Quilters this Thursday, March 18, in Naperville, IL.  That's tomorrow. I'll be showing my quilts, selling books and also signing books. I'd love to meet some of you so come on over. Bring cookies.

"Trunk" show

I think it should be fun, although last time I lectured, right after they turned out the lights for my PowerPoint presentation, I swear I saw a couple of you dozing in the front row. . . . So try to take your naps before you arrive you guys so you don't miss anything good.

Next week, March 25, I will be taking the show to the DeKalb County Quilters in DeKalb, IL. Mark your calendars.

Then Wisconsin in April.

I usually try to update the list of appearances on my website  as often as I remember, so you can also check there periodically. I haven't listed the ones for next year yet but I think I'm going to Iowa a few times. Hope I can see some of you!   



Anonymous said...

Hello Kathy , please can you tell me the name of your new book I would like to buy it as soon as pssible in France ( by Amazon)
Thank you far answer
Hello Kathy , please can you tell me the name of your new book ! I want to buy it as soon as possible in France ( by Amazon)
Thank you !

Kathleen Tracy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kathleen Tracy said...

Brigitte--My next book will be out in January 2011. My latest book is Remembering Adelia, which came out last year.

antique quilter said...

well I wouldn't fall asleep!
too funny! ok I would even bake you cookies and bring them warm out of the oven! Would love to see your quilts in person :)

Mary said...

I was at Pride of the Prairie last evening, and enjoyed your talk very much. Your quilts are beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Judy said...

Glad to see that you are on the road again so more of us can see your work in person.


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