Monday, December 28, 2009

Quilt Shop Tours

Well, the frenzy of the holidays is almost over and it's back to the relaxation of quilting for many of us. The gifts are made and the holiday projects finished, right? It's almost a new year and a great time to be inspired. I can't exactly take a breath until my next book is finished--I'll be ready to send it to the publisher next month--but I'm looking forward to getting a start on my Dear Jane quilt and numerous other projects once the book is done.

What's a better way to be inspired than to take a tour of some of my favorite quilt shops? I'm so lucky I live in an area where there are a couple of great shops within a 40-minute drive. Wish they were a just a little closer but many quilters have to drive even farther than that.  So sit back and have some fun--take a little tour and peek inside some of the shops. If you're ever in northern Illinois and need a fabric fix, take some time to stop by some of these great quilt shops. And, just so you know, they all carry my books in case you or a friend need to stock up, LOL.

Quilt Play, located at 62 Center Street  in Grayslake, IL

Quilt Play is in northern Illinois, just south of the Wisconsin border.

Shelley has a great variety of fabrics and is always friendly and eager to help.

Lots of Moda fabric, thirties prints and Civil War repro fabric. Lots of great samples too!

Nice and bright--plenty of pastels for Spring already.


A Touch of Amish--located at 130 Applebee Street in Barrington, Illinois.

Lovely shop in an old house with lots of different rooms.

Yep, that's an Orange Peel sample from Remembering Adelia.

Lots of antique quilts and reproduction samples

A huge Civil War repro section

The shop carries so many shirtings prints! This is one of my favorite quilts made with a number of different shirtings. Isn't it fantastic? I want to use up my scraps and make this one as soon as I'm finished with my next book.

And don't forget Thimbleberries prints as well as a Thimbleberries club

There's even a Remembering Adelia Club--I stopped by a few weeks ago and had a great time visiting with everyone.

Kitty was teaching them how to make the little Prairie Points quilt from Remembering Adelia. She's a great teacher and I always learn a thing or two!

Here are her Scrappy Star blocks from the book in 4 different sizes.

Love the Peony Stars sample, too.


Pieceful Gathering Quilt Shop--located at 106 Northwest Highway (Rt. 14) in Fox River Grove, Illinois

Carrie and Katie are always more than happy to help you find something or introduce you to what's new in the quilting world. They always have a wonderful variety of 19th century prints and great samples made from them.

But watch out! You may get hooked into making little quilts because they have so many cute samples and kits available. Lots of kits for BIG quilts too, don't worry.

And always lots of kits for quilts from my books.

I stopped by a couple of weeks ago and while my friend Julia was hiding out in another room, I sneaked away and bought her Christmas present--a kit for that little blue and red Sawtooth Star quilt you see below, hanging on the wall.

 Oops, here she comes, hide it!

Whew, I'm exhausted, what about you? Nothing like shopping till you drop . . . Hope you had a great time. I think I'm going to make this a regular feature. I visit a lot of shops as I travel throughout the year, so I'll try to remember to bring my camera and post more photos from now on.

I hear complaints from quilters all the time about the great shops that were once near them but are now closed. They need our help more than ever these days, you know. Have you heard about this great plan for helping your local small retail businesses STAY in business? It's called The 3/50 Project. Take a look.

So, if you're able, try to support your local quilt shops this year--buy some fabric, pick up a book or some fat quarters or maybe take a class. What a great New Year's resolution, don't you think? I couldn't do what I do without them, and I'll bet you couldn't either.


Darla said...

Thanks Kathy for sharing your shop hop. It is always neat to see the store displays and samples that are made up. It reminds of the displays in the Quilt Sampler. I see some really neat small quilts that inspire me. How fun! Thanks again, Darla

Farmhouse Blessings said...

So glad that I found your blog Kathy! I just adore your first two books ~ they are my favorite quilting books of all! And to discover that you have a third ... well I am just tickled pink!

Wishing you a happy new Year!
Blessings, Lea

Karen said...

I enjoy peeking in once and while and love reading your blog. This is a great post. I like the 3/50 project. We have seven quilt shops in our area and they all offer something different. It's great fun to pop in and see what's new.
Oh, by the way, I love your books and have every one so far. I look forward to the new one coming out in 2010.

Jan said...

Thanks for the local shop tour. I've visited the first two, but not the Pieceful Gathering...yet. It's on my list now, though!
Wishing you a happy new year!


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