Friday, October 23, 2009

Rainy Days and Creativity

Today it's cold and rainy here and I'm working hard on quilts for the next book, plugging my way through 16 projects. Rainy days lift me up and inspire me much more than sunny days, when I want to be outside, busy, enjoying the nice weather. I especially love rainy days in the Fall. I'm creative and contemplative when it rains.

I think I stay focused more when I'm forced to be inside. When it rains I don't feel like rushing around doing errands, getting cold or wet, so I stay inside and accomplish things that need to get done here and save the errands for another day. I get comfortable, no makeup, pull my hair up--rain makes it frizzy and I can't do anything with it anyway--make tea and get working.

I'm having tea in this mug I bought at a shop in Shipshewana last week. Tea definitely tastes better in a pretty mug. I could write a whole blog about my coffee and tea mugs.

This is the box it came in --I like it almost as much as the mug. Isn't it great? Big enough for recipe cards.

There's a huge puddle in my back yard.


The dogs have slowed down too. Can't go outside. Mom's busy. Nothing else to do but take a nap.

And listen to the rhythmic whir of the sewing machine . . . .

When I was young, rainy days were for daydreaming. Or drawing. Or sitting curled up on a comfy chair on the back porch, reading about faraway places, thinking. When my kids were little, rainy days were often spent quietly, reading, crafting, finger painting, drawing, watching movies--slowing down instead of playing and being active outdoors--some of that conducive to being creative. Sometimes, when it got TOO quiet and the kids starting getting bored and antsy at being indoors too long, we'd get the umbrellas and head for the park to find sticks to swish through puddles and see who could throw pebbles the farthest into the way-way-far-away puddles. Or put on rain boots and stomp through them. Then come back home and change into warm, dry clothes and eat cookies and drink hot chocolate (them) and tea (me). Good memories. I love rain.



Kathy I agree I love rain too but not storms. We are having rain also.

vivian said...

I also love rainy days because I get more done! We have a tin roof and I love to listen to the rain hitting the roof.

Anonymous said...

I love the rain, it makes everything feel so cozy inside. We moved from the rainy side of the state to the dry side, sometimes I just long for rainy days. Those kind of days are for stitching and making a big pot of soup.
I love your patterns and books, I hope you have many rainy days for staying indoors and stitching.

Anonymous said...

I love rainy days too. The mood you created with those great rainy day photos made me wish for more rain. I was out and about on rainy Friday, and in spite of the downpour and clouds the fall colors were spectacular. Wish they'd last longer.


Kathleen Tracy said...

I took a walk alone in the rain at dusk today--without the dogs, a treat for me, no puppies pulling at the leash! It was just a light drizzle but it invigorated me enough so that when I got home I cooked a nice dinner for the family.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to have found someone else who actually loves the rain. I think that most of my family thinks I'm "eccentric" (as in NUTS, LOL). I just love to be on the porch, wrapped up in a quilt, looking at and listening to the rain. If it's not blowing rain around, I sometimes take a book or some handsewing. If it IS blowing rain around (with thunder and lightning)...well, that's even BETTER! Thanks for this post. I really enjoy your blog.


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