Saturday, August 13, 2011

Doll Quilt Retreat

Only one more week to sign up for the Small Quilt Retreat! October 7 - 9, 2011 in Elkhorn, Wisconsin. With me and others who love to make small quilts. We could use a few more people to make it even funner . . . 

My classes are Super FUN! Just ask her . . .

Look at the great time she's having - Would she lie to you??

I have a few things planned for the weekend - a workshop to make a NEW little quilt.  I haven't designed it yet though (puh-leeze! My knee, remember? It hurts when I press pedal to metal  . . . ) but I will and I'm thinking Fall colors. Mine will have blue in it too, of course. Tips on how to get that old-fashioned look in your doll quilts. A Show & Tell where you can all bring the little quilts you've made and also a trunk show of some quilts from my books. A fabric or block swap. A race to make a cute little Needle Case if we have time.

I'll figure it all out as we get closer to October. I cannot WAIT for Fall after this hot hot summer we've had. Fall in Wisconsin is wonderful. Maybe I'll bring some bratwurst and we can have our own little Octoberfest! It IS Wisconsin, after all . . . Who knows, maybe S'mores too if they trust us around a bonfire . . .

If I have the nerve, I will bring the FIRST quilt I ever made to show everyone. If you promise not to laugh . . . I keep it around as a reminder of how far I've come.

So c'mon, time's a wasting people - get going and sign up. I need a few more people to fill it up. (Find my contact  e-mail at the top of the page under My Profile.)  It would really be fun to meet some of you I have "talked" with online.

Making little quilts all weekend - What could be better??


  1. Sounds like a fun retreat, I love making mini quilts.


  2. I wish I could. Sounds like it's going to be an amazing retreat. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  3. I sure wish I could come, I know it will be loads of fun, but....I have to work and Oct. is such a busy month at work....drats....

  4. I would be there without doubt if the Atlantic Ocean wasn't between us! I love your blog, I read every word, and your quilts are wonderful.

  5. What a fun time you all will have at the retreat. Maybe someday I can join you. Love the little black hexi quilt, isn't that in one of your books? I will have to go take a look. Have every book but Prairie Children.

  6. If I was closer to you (I'm in the Pacific Northwest), I'd be there in a heartbeat! I just started making DQs and in May started participating in the DQ Swap on It's been a lot of fun! I LOVE ALL YOUR QUILTS!

  7. ohhhhhhhhh Kathy i sssoooooooooo would LOVE to come to your retreat!!! if only i lived closer!!! i wish i was Jeannie then all i'd have to do is nod my head & i'd be there..if only :(((

  8. Oh, wish I could, but have to take my daughter to school and live to far away.
    Maybe when we move back to Illinois.
    Have a wonderful retreat

  9. What a beautiful wee quilt & that gorgeous picture of the woodlands.

    Would you be so kind to (& tell your friends) comment on my BLOG ONLY (emails don’t count), for the Miracle Makeover fund drive. Charlie, 8 yr. old, & his story are fabulous. Every comment brings us a $1 for the next person that will be sponsored.

    Have a beautiful weekend.
    TTFN ~

  10. Alas even with modern air travel I am afraid that South Australia is not just a few too many states away, but a continent too far, otherwise I would be there with "bells on"! Happy quilting, Sue SA.

  11. Just found your blog...your retreat location caught my eye - Elkhorn. I have a dear friend who lives there and I will send her the link for your blog and the Small Quilt Retreat.
    Love the title of your book...Remembering Adelia...that was my Grammy's name and she quilted.

  12. If only I would live nearer... the Netherlands are too far away...


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