Monday, August 29, 2011

American Schoolgirl Doll Quilt Patterns

You may remember that last year I started a 6-month club called the American Schoolgirl Club that offered monthly patterns for doll quilts with a little bit of an antique look and a touch of history. I have run the club several times since then and there are still members getting their quilt patterns every month. Recently, I ran out of complete sets of the patterns and so have discontinued the Club. Instead of spending the money to print up more of these same patterns, I decided to just offer the remaining ones that are left for sale on my website, so click here if you're interested in buying the individual patterns. They are all very cute and each pattern comes in a little booklet with some historical information about the quilt or time period.There are not many left.

Those of you who have joined the club in the past few months - don't worry, I have enough to finish your club subscriptions and you will continue to get your patterns every month until you receive all six.

I'm not sure if I will design a new club someday. This  one was very popular and I would like to try to create a new one sometime next year if I have the time and energy. I'm still now just getting back to working on things and after my daughter goes to school the next thing on the agenda is making the little quilt for my retreat in October.

So that's all I have for now until I get back in the swing of things and decide if I will actually write another book someday. Who knows what's next? The thought of it stresses me out a bit right now, LOL. So much work. My thanks to all of you who continue to love the little quilts and keep me inspired to design more!


Sue said...

I sure have enjoyed making these little quilts and surely hope that you can write another book some day. I have every one of yours and love them :)


Nicky said...

How could I resist you named my favourite after my daughter, Clarissa!? I didn't and hope to give it a go when it arrives - thanks!

Ann-Mari said...

Wish you good luck in your decition-making on future projects. Love to see photos of your quilts:-)

Merilyn said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the American Schoolgirl Club!! Enjoyed making some (not all yet!) of the quilts, loved receiving the little packages in the mail, just the whole thing!!!
For me persoanlly it would not be quite the same if it was in PDF format. I do hope you do another series sometime in the future, similar to your first series!
I will treasure these special patterns always!!!!

Monique said...

I would love it if you had another American Schoolgirl Club. I love the patterns. And I have to mention how sweet those little doll dresses are!


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