Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Little Help from My Friend

I have been a little more inspired to quilt lately, or at least am thinking about it more, thanks to well-meaning friends. Julia keeps sending me e-mails with photos of antique quilts for sale on eBay - "Look! Isn't this one cute??" "Why don't you buy THIS one?? It's Blue and White!" She's doing it just to keep me going I know.

I've been so sick for so long that we haven't been able to scan the Flea Markets for some time the way we used to . . .

I went over to her house last week, before the storm, and became inspired by looking at some of the quilts she's made over the years and wanted to show you. But then the POWER went out (did you hear??) and not only could I not blog about them I couldn't even sit down at my (electric) sewing machine and take advantage of my new-found motivation.

Many of the quilts in this cabinet are ones she has made from my patterns and designs. Some from before I became published even. My first and truest fan . . .

Here's a picture of my all-time favorite quilt she's made - Julia's Ancient Stars quilt (designed by Sue Garman). I've almost always seen this quilt done in browns but Julia used blue for the border and lots of colorful scrappy prints for the stars. Very inspiring! I remember how hard she worked on it a few years ago.

Totally scrappy, just like a wonderful old antique quilt

Julia loves Log Cabin quilts. This is to show you that, even though many of the patterns for quilts in my books are for SMALL quilts, Julia decided to just keep going with the little Log Cabin blocks in Prairie Children & Their Quilts to make hers much bigger (she made the small one too). Again, with the beautiful blue border. Gotta love her.

A cute little assortment. (Candle mat is not my pattern.)

Julia has made all of the quilts from my first 2 books and is now plugging away on the ones in Remembering Adelia. She broke her wrist last year (walking the dog) and had to take a break from quilting for awhile so that's why she's a little behind, LOL. Hey, Julia, did you hear I have a NEW book out with more patterns?? Better get cracking, my dear!

Small quilt in progress -  free pattern for this one here

Friendship Star quilt, also from Prairie Children - and look! That's my house across the street, where the friendship star points are pointing. I'll be very sad when she moves next year. Did I tell you that we also share a birthday? I believe there are no coincidences. She's irreplaceable, of course, but will I ever become lucky enough again to get a neighbor who quilts??


  1. Thank you for sharing Julia`s quilts, they are beautiful. I have lots of quilt books, but your four are my favorites. You have a great style and talent I admire. Sheri

  2. Thanks for sharing those gorgeous quilts!
    As for lack of power, maybe on your next flea market forays, or wherever, start looking for a treadle or hand crank machine - that way, with an oil hurricane lamp, you can still sew when the mojo hits LOL
    Thanks again, for your super books - looking forward to more.
    Gerda in Alberta

  3. Thank you for sharing, What beautiful quilts.

  4. It is unbelieveble, what a big nice cabbord filled whit quilts, so much, and so nice! Very nive to see Kathy! and even more inspirated.

    warm greetings, Jeannet

  5. Very inspiring quilts!! I really want to make a scrappy log cabin quilt....and others. Oh, my!!

  6. Beautiful quilts and a great post.

  7. What lovely quilts! I'd love a cupboard full of quilts like that, they look so comforting!!!! Julia has done some lovely work!!!!

  8. What a super treat and thanks for the free pattern!!! :)

  9. What lovely quilts and what a nice friend! Julia's work is stunning. All the best to you Kathy, take care...Warm regards, Ann

  10. Wow, thank you so much for sharing! Wonderful inspiration~ Just what I needed! Thanks again... ~ Take Care

  11. Beautiful, I started Ancient Stars many years ago, I have always wanted to finish it, although I didn't get very far. I am better prepared now and hey, why not...loved all the quilts, including the small block log cabin, have a giant quilt of that one also...need to finish!


  12. Julia's work is beautiful, and lovely fabrics - just our sort of thing - look after yourself!

  13. Love that Ancient Stars quilt! Wish I had a quilty neighbor, too.... Julia's quilts are beautiful...but look who she gets her inspiration from! :)

  14. What a great bunch of quilts - I would love to have her cabinet and all of the quilts in it! I made the Ancient Stars quilt a few years ago while on a purple kick. Mine is scrappy purple/green/tan, and I have to say that I like hers better! That quilt is a lot of work, so I guess I will have to be happy with mine, I don't see making another one in my near future!

  15. Belos trabalhos.
    Sou seguidora.

  16. Kathy how lucky to have aquilting buddy across the street. Mine is across the state line oh, a mere 3 hours away... much better then when we were 5 hours away. Julia's quilts are wonderful and thank her for letting us see them.


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