Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Show & Tell

Aside from meeting so many wonderful quilters, one of my favorite things about traveling around and visiting guilds is staying for the Show & Tell part of the meeting where members present quilts they've made. They always seem to enjoy seeing my quilts and I love seeing theirs too.

Here are some quilts made by members of the Prairie Patch Quilt Guild in Mundelein, IL, taken when I visited earlier this week. 

These are VERY small. Gotta love those tiny scrappy stars . . . .

See what you can do with charm squares? Whip up a simple table topper in no time at all.

The tiniest one yet!


  1. Boy, I loved that display of quilts. All those lovely, lovely fabrics!

  2. Looks as though you all had a really lovely time!!! love the itsy bitsy teeny weeny quilt! incredible!!!

  3. WOW drool..i especially love those small scrappy star quilts & the teensy one's pretty cute too!

  4. That is beautiful eye candy!

  5. So many gorgeous quilts! Thanks for sharing the photos. Inspiring :o)
    Have a great and creative weekend,


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