Saturday, March 19, 2011

Charm Quilts

When we think of charm quilts we think of quilts that are made without two pieces cut from the same fabric. Sometimes they contain hundreds or thousands of pieces that are all different. Actually, however, many quilts we casually call charm quilts today do have pieces that are used more than once and the name often includes quilts that simply are made with many different fabrics, whether it's accurate or not.

You know I love scrappy little quilts and a charm quilt is on my list of quilts to make someday. Lord knows I have enough charms . . . .

Charm squares, not yet turned into a charm quilt, LOL.

This one should have been a charm quilt but I used a few pieces more than once. I decided to call it a "Charming" quilt instead . . . .

Sometimes, quilters from the past would include 2 pieces of the same fabric in their charm quilt to make it more interesting while also making a game for others to search for the duplicate patch. Here's one that claims to have only 2 patches alike in the whole quilt.

I recently found a perfect book for those of you who want to use up some of your scraps. Tara Lynn Darr's new book, Simply Charming, is just great for lovers of small scrap quilts and includes patterns for 20 little quilts! Any one of them would be perfect for making a small charm quilt.

I had fun looking through the book - so many of the fabrics Tara used in her quilts are ones I have in my scrap collection too.

I know I have enough scraps to make several of these quilts without repeating a single fabric. Do you too??


  1. Thank you for the review. It looks like I need to add this book to my library.

  2. I think the name Charming Quilt is just perfect! Great idea!!!

  3. Interessante il tuo suggerimento....

  4. Where did you find the cute little crocheted basket? Its adorable ..

  5. IKEA from a few years ago. One of my friends gave a set of them to me.

  6. I think I may have enough charms to make a few more of these quilts in Tara's book!
    one can never have enough fabric , right?

  7. I keep my scraps in plastic boxes for little quilts and sometimes I repeat, but I like the random look of just grabbing pieces and using them.


  8. I have Tara's book and she is a sweetie! The quilts you showed us today are very charming :)
    And I've never made a charm quilt!

  9. I have started to put scraps into a special little container on my sewing table, one for reproductions and one for the rest! Hopefully one day I will get to play with these pieces and make a charm, if not charming quilt!!!

  10. I don't have that many fabrics, but it sure would be fun. I love the idea of searching for the two that match.

  11. You are certainly correct about the charm quilts. I think the traditional meaning of what we knew in quilting up until the mid 90s is changing to be accommodated to what is now called modern ?

  12. i love your adorable little is indeed charming!
    btw i've also got a copy of 'Simply Charming' designs using lots of scraps which makes me very happy indeed.


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