Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Cross Stitch

I recently found this Prairie Schooler cross stitch of cardinals I made years ago, tucked inside a book, of all places. What a nice surprise! I had forgotten all about it since I became addicted to quilting. This is something I might actually be able to finish rather quickly someday soon. Wouldn't it look lovely made into something with this berry fabric? A small pillow perhaps? A quilted wall hanging? The red fabric below has feathers in it and there's that poinsettia print again. Hmmm. . . .

I used to love to cross stitch and probably have most of  the early Prairie Schooler patterns that were published in the late '80s and '90s. Now they're out of print and hard to find. I especially love the ones with birds and Santas. I've started quite a few, but don't ask how many I've competed . . .

I never cared for the way I framed this Santa -"Up on the Housetop" - cross stitch. I'm wondering if I should take it apart and do something else with it, like maybe use it in the center of a quilted wall hanging? Would that work or ruin it? Maybe I should just get a better mat and a different frame.

While I was decorating the house, I remembered how much I love my cross stitch pieces and so I took out all of my old Prairie Schooler patterns, looked through them and decided to try to get some cross stitch projects going again next year.

Waaay too many patterns . . .

Remember what I said about quilters having their fingers in a few too many pots?? Who knows if I'll ever get around to making any of them but it's fun to dream isn't it? I may even have to buy a few new ones here. Check out their free pattern for a Snowman cross stitch.

Don't you  just love cross stitch too? This one has the place of honor in my bathroom!


  1. I also used to do a lot of cross-stitching and loved the Prairie Schooler patterns. I made the small Halloween one (like your Christmas one to the left of the angel above). I also made quite a few cross-stitched tree ornaments including yes, Prairie Schooler Santas. :-)

    Thank you for reminding me of these. I should go dig mine out of my sewing room too. I really like your idea of using them as the center of a quilted wall hanging. Hmmm....

  2. Hello Kathleen Tracy !
    I am a french cross stitcher and I a very beginning quilter !
    I just found your blog today !
    I read every posts ! But my english is not good enought ...
    You make so lovely quilts !! I adore them ! Really !

    And you guess what : I will come next year in July in Chicago !
    Have a good day !

  3. I have recently renewed my interest in x-stitch, but have opted to stitch on linen. Needed a magnifier lamp to count, but I really like the 'smallness' of it. Have fun and I look forward to future posts on your progress.

  4. Hmmm. Now you've got me thinking about going through my cross stitch drawers, which I haven't done for several years. Maybe I'll get inspired to finish a project! Kathy, I'll probably ask you to help me frame it when I'm finished. :-)

  5. I too love Prairie Schooler cross stitch patterns. Have a lot of the old ones as you do and a complete set of the single santas starting way back in 1984. I buy one every year. This year's is very cute, a santa skiing. I've also made the St. Nicholas and Kris Kringle ones to hang on the tree, and given some to family and friends. I think your framed santa looks delightful, I wouldn't change a thing.

  6. I too am a "former" cross stitcher before the the quilting bug bite me sooo hard a couple years ago--and I have been thinking about doing one again--so I just copied off the snowman one--I decorate with snowmen once all the Christmas things are put away--soooo!!!
    Hugs, and Happy Holidays from--
    Di and miss gracie

  7. I have collected the Prairie Schooler Santas since they came out in 1984. I too, used to cross stitch before I came to quilting. I think the Prairie Schooler patterns are worth keeping - I know I've kept all mine, the leaflets and the little Santa cards. :-)

  8. Like many of you above, I too used to do lots of cross stitch. Most of my Santas have been turned into easy ornaments. I have framed a couple of my Santas with "logs" going around the piece. I used primitive reds and greens in flannel and homespuns. My husband then framed it with barn wood in off-white with painted green old wood from somewhere. They turned out so cute! I think yours would be cute with logs around it also.
    Have a Merry Christmas!

  9. Isn't it fun when you find things that have been tucked away. I love the cardinals.I have been doing counted cross stitch for years. I think I could open a store with the stash I have. Then I started sewing and quilting. Still do the xmas ornaments every year for my grandkids. You can see my ornaments just completed on my blog.


  10. wonderful stitchings! have a great x-mas!
    ingeborg (germany)

  11. Dovrei anch'io rispolverare un po' di punto croce......
    mmm....che bellissimi spunti che ci hai regalato!

  12. Yes! I'm another one who used to cross-stitch a lot and pretty much stopped when I started quilting. However, I just made a cute little cabin in the woods that I'm going to make into a pillow and I have a pattern to make a stocking for my newest GS. I want to do more. It's something that I can carry with me and work on in the car or truck while traveling. I need to have several portable projects. I love to embroider also.

  13. Yes, I love cross stitch too. I try to fit a little stitching time in each week but it just hasn't been happening for the last month :( I love the fabrics you have selected with your top cross stitch. I currently have to put together a Christmas stocking I cross stitched for my SIL.

  14. I cross-stitch too. Not so much now that I quilt, but I still have a project in progress. I love your finished pieces. If you are unhappy with the Santa's frame, change the frame. He is so cute, reframe him so you will be happy with the piece.

  15. I think it's the red mat that I don't like. I should have bought an arched frame like the one that was shown in the picture on the front of the pattern to set off the "Welcome." Maybe I can find one now.

  16. I like your finished cross stitch pieces. I so enjoy your blog and all your quilts. I have your REMEMBERING ADELIA and have started "orange peel".
    Merry Christmas


  17. Sounds like there are a lot of x-stitchers who became quilters! I too am one of those - used to do seasonal x-stitching, Thomas Kinkade, and have many pattern books I'd love to do someday, but quilting has taken up most of my time! Thanks for the reminder and I've not seen the Prairie Schooler patterns - I started x-stitching in the early 90's on very small jar-top size patterns....

  18. I am one of those people with waaaaay too many pots hihi, but I love them all! Love your Prairie School patterns. I finish my cross stitch projects in different ways: on the cover of a journal, on top of a box, surrounded by borders as a small quilt, a small pillow, a pincushion, an ornament, on a small bag (for candles), .... need any more suggestions hihi! have lot of fun finishing your lovely little project!! XXXD

  19. Prairie Schooler and Black Bird Designs are a couple of my all time favorite cross stitching designers! You have incredibly good taste, My Dear!

  20. I love to cross stitch too! I couldn't say good bye to my old handiwork either and used a few to make into a draw string bag. Those bags are used for new stitching or quilting projects!
    And for the on top of the roof. It would definitely be an improvement to make it the centre panel of a quilt (in my opinion!)

  21. Cross stitch was my first craft love, learned while pregnant the first time, 1989. I made the Santa on the sleigh that you have posted above, even had our handyman carve a frame for it. I had forgotten all about it, thanks!
    My husband ordered your new book for me, as a late arriving Christmas present, so thanks again!


  22. I love Prairie Schooler patterns, too, and have many of them. Thanks for sharing yours.

  23. I haven't done any cross stitching in years! Yours are just beautiful! You can never go wrong by mixing X-stitch and quilting in a quilt! I say: "Go for it!!!" The birdie in the bathroom is just too cute! HUGS... and stitches


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