Friday, November 5, 2021

Jacob's Ladder Quilt

 I really love making simple quilt blocks using lots of reproduction fabric scraps. What about you? 

This month we're finishing up the small quilts from the Schoolgirl Sampler book with quilt # 6 -  Jacob's Ladder quilt on page 31. It uses a very simple block with lots of possibilities. Marian Edwards made this little quilt for the book and her color scheme really gives it a nice primitive look. 

Jacob's Ladder has always been one of my favorite blocks -  simple four patches mixed with half-square triangles. Here's the same block with a different look -

Some of you who've made quilts a looong time ago from my first book, American Doll Quilts, will remember this block used in the little Underground Railroad quilt. The colors and pieces are just arranged a little differently. Turn the block around and use darker fabrics for the inner triangles and you get a completely different look. Experiment and see all the things you can do with it. 

This little quilt wraps up our small quilt sew along for all the quilts in the Schoolgirl Sampler book. I hope some of you who joined us this year had a lot of fun making these quilts. So many of you actually finished your Sampler quilt! It's been wonderful seeing all the completed quilts with so many variations and different colors. I also felt extremely proud hearing that a few of you entered your sampler quilts in shows and won ribbons. Imagine that. 

I really want to thank all of you for taking on this Sampler journey in the Facebook group. I loved seeing everyone's work every week. I sympathized with your struggles with certain blocks and cheered your successes and progress. So many quilters have told me that they felt they learned quite a lot and improved their skills by working with these small pieces and following some of my tips. I hope I even convinced those of you who had never worked "small" that making these blocks can be incredibly satisfying and fun. Even if some of them didn't turn out quite as perfectly as you would have liked. It's the learning from our mistakes that helps drive us to become better quilters. All in all, I'd say we did good - wouldn't you agree??


Samplings from Spring Creek said...

These little quilts just sing to my heart

Unknown said...

Oh my,, just popped up in my goggle news. I have both books I made a few too. They are the sweetest quilts. Not to mention the excitement of reading this an realize I have these amazing quilt books.
I'm going to check out your FB page.
Thank you so much for these amazing patterns.
Alaura P.