Friday, April 30, 2021

Doll Quilts in the Spring Garden

I love making small quilts and if you're reading this and following my blog, you probably do too.  Simple little doll quilts made with reproduction fabrics really tug at my heartstrings. I know some of you love these same kinds of quilts as much as I do. So I'm sharing some of my favorite ones and a few newer ones that I made or finished last year just for those of you who are new to the kinds of quilts I like to make. (You can find the patterns for some these on my website and in my Etsy shop. Or ask and I'll tell you which book it's from.) 

So simple, yet gloriously fun. You can crank these out in between working on larger quilts. They're that quick. The most fun was probably sorting through my reproduction scraps looking for just the right combination of muted colors, finding some I hadn't seen in awhile. 

There's something calming about creating something pretty with simple little pieces . . . . 

One of the nice things about making small quilts is that they're easy to display around the house in many different ways. Quilts really add something to a room whether they're dressing up a bed, draped over a sofa or hanging on a wall in an entryway. 


*  *  *

I really wanted to thank so many of you for participating in the Schoolgirl Sampler Sew Along this year. It was a nice diversion for awhile, don't you think? Thanks also for purchasing the book. Your support means a lot. The FB group will stay open for the rest of the year and we may do sew alongs for some of the smaller quilts in the book beginning this summer. 

I also wanted to thank you so much for following me all these years. It's been so nice meeting and connecting with many of you who share my love of all things small and made with reproduction fabrics. I sincerely hope that my books and quilts, my groups and this blog have inspired you a little bit and brought some joy into your lives. I know you have enriched mine with your kindness. 

                                                                                My best to all of you,

                                                                                                     - Kathy


---"Love" said...

Every one of those little quilts shown is beautiful! Maybe someday I'll get all my UFO large quilts finished, and then I could start making smaller quilts though I doubt mine would be far from as pretty as yours. ---"Love"

Monique D said...

J'aime beaucoup tes petites courtepointes. J'ai d'ailleurs ton livre et certains modèles font partie de mes futurs projets mais avant cela il me faut diminuer mes encours.

jane nj/wi said...

Charming post Kathy. For color and fabric hand wringers you displayed very clearly how whether it’s scraps pulled out of a container or planned theme colors from understated fabric groups by your favorite designers that small Quilts love to mingle reproductions with any style fabric.

Yippee for small quilts !!

sue bennett said...

I love all of your small quilts and have love sewing along with you for years. I love your color combinations. Everything just looks like it is from the past. Thanks for the great sew a long on Schoolgirl sampler and the years of making small quilts...

Kathy knowlton said...

Is there a book/patterns for those small quilts?

Carolknits said...

I want to make them all. They are so beautiful.

marian said...

Kathy, I know we share a passion for making doll quilts and small quilts in 19th century reproduction fabrics ... reminiscent of the vintage quilts that we love. I love and treasure all your books and I'm so glad l had the opportunity to meet you back in 2018. Hugs, Marian


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