Friday, March 5, 2021

The Sew Along Continues . . . .

I know, I know! I've been extremely remiss in my blogging obligations for a few weeks. Again. It's difficult to come up with inspirational things to write at times. As they say, I'd rather be quilting . . . . 

(This week's blocks brought to you by Sue Bennett)

If you're following along, we're on Week 10 and you'll be making blocks 55 - 60 this time. There are tips in the files I've been uploading each week and rereading some of them may help if you get stuck. If you can't download the files in the online groups, go to my website and check there. 

I can't believe we're almost finished making all the blocks. This really hasn't been too difficult, has it? I can't believe some of the beautiful blocks I've seen posted on Facebook.  All the wonderful fabric choices! Here are a few for you to drool over - 

 Charlotte's blocks

Charlotte's blocks

Karen's blocks

Karen's blocks

Marian's blocks

Marian's blocks

Jennifer's blocks

Jennifer's blocks

Robin's blocks

Robin's blocks

Jeanne's blocks

Jeanne's clever take on Block 35!

Ann's blocks

Ann's blocks

As for me, I've been making some really good progress on my Dear Jane triangles. The top triangles are done and I hope to finish up all the ones on the right side of the quilt this weekend. Still have a few hearts to applique  before I complete everything on that side. Saved the best for last! 

A few mistakes here and there. Oops, not going back. A few tweaks as well to  make it easier instead of frustrating. You never know if a block is actually going to turn out okay when you finish. I breathe a huge sigh of relief if it all comes together in the end. But all in all I think they're pretty good. Don't tell anyone, but sometimes I skip the little extras things that Jane included that I think really don't matter. Like a miniscule appliqued triangle here and there. Who's to know?? The Dear Jane Police??  

Those of you who have started and not finished yet or who want to make this quilt -  Do you know about this page? I follow many of her tips for making my blocks and they're very helpful. When I first started my DJ quilt, Brenda Papadakis, who wrote the book, used to have a Dear Jane website with all sorts of tips and tricks to help you make the blocks. Those are gone now and so you're basically on your own if you try to start. If I didn't also have the software I'd probably be stuck quite a bit. That Quilt is a very good resource and has made my journey a little easier. She breaks each block down into simple parts. (Well, okay, maybe they're not all simple but at least understandable . . . .) Just thought some of you would like to know this if you haven't run across it yet.

Here's even more inspiration for you. Marian Edwards finished her Dear Jane quilt recently. Can you believe how beautiful it is?  All hand pieced and hand quilted. Whew. Congratulations, Marian! You did a fantastic job. 

Have a good weekend! 


Melody A. said...

Gorgeous quilt!! Congratulations!! Happy Sewing from Iowa

quiltgrannie said...

Thanks Kathleen ~ I love seeing everyone's blocks, and WOW!!! You are really making progress on your Dear Jane. I am so happy for you. It will be so beautiful when it is finished. A treasure for sure, and what a journey it has given you. Thanks for sharing your progress.

marian said...

Kathy, I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying the Schoolgirl Sampler sew-along. The timing was perfect since I felt a little lost after finishing my DJ quilt ... I know, crazy right? But that's how that quilt gets to you and I know you'll agree! Speaking of shortcuts... psst me too lol that's what happens as you're nearing the end. I'm sure Jane Stickle wouldn't mind at all 😘😆

Kathleen Tracy said...

Thanks, Marian. I'm glad you're enjoying it. I also hope you don't mind that I posted your picture. It's so gorgeous I wanted to show everyone.

Ann in PA said...

Kathy, It's so nice to see everyone's Schoolgirl Sampler blocks. I'm so excited for you when I see that your nearing the finish line on your Dear Jane quilt. What a journey! So many memories are stitched in that wonderful heirloom. I love seeing Marian's finish. That sweet quilt top traveled all around the world in her sweet appliqued bag, so that many of us could see her blocks in person.

Charlotte said...

Kathy, your Dear Jane triangles are terrific. Quite an accomplishment getting to this point. Glad you are enjoying the journey. Speaking of journeys, I have really enjoyed The Schoolgirl Sampler journey. Several years ago, I participated in a "Sampler sew Along" but there was no sharing of blocks or even the finished quilt by the participants. So thanks for letting us share and even sometimes complain on this journey. It is much more fun and inspiring when everyone can take part not just the leader.

Charlotte S.

Pepa Esteve said...

Estoy disfrutando tanto en este quilt de la escuela, preciosos todos los bloques que publican, aquí en España es difícil encontrar telas tan bellas.
Tú Dear Jane esta quedando precioso, algún día lo haré. Gracias por tus consejos.
Feliz semana kathleen.

Binsa said...

Hi Kathleen, out of respect to you I have finished my Schoolgirl Sampler Quilt early last month.In turn by making the quilt it has encouraged me to keep going with Dear Jane. I have three blocks to make in Row M then need to join the rows and start on the triangle blocks.So a huge thank you to you for providing the Sew Along for all. Just loved the journey thank you.