Thursday, December 10, 2020

It's Almost Sampler Time!

The Sampler Sew Along begins on January 1 in my Facebook group. Some of you who are interested in making the quilt along with us but are not on Facebook have requested that I post the weekly blocks for the Schoolgirl Sampler Sew Along here on my blog or on my website. So, in an effort to please everyone, I created a Schoolgirl Sampler page at Country Lane Quilts (my website)  and will update it with files listing the blocks to make each week as we go along (beginning January 1). I can't upload the files here too but I'll try to post some photos every week or so.

I uploaded a Welcome to the Sew Along file explaining how the sew along will work and exactly what you'll need as far as supplies before we begin. If you decide to join in and make the quilt, please read it so you can know what to expect. If you're like me, I'm sure you're all getting anxious for January to arrive. 

For those of you who asked, the border print I used is from Moda - Susanna's Scraps by Betsy Chutchian. I made the quilt last year and the fabric was a few years old at that time so you may not be able to find it now. If you cannot find it and would like a similar print for your quilt, look for other reproduction floral prints in a cream color.  After I finished putting the blocks together in my quilt, I picked up a few different fabrics for the border - a brown floral print, a light blue print and a darker tan floral print. I couldn't decide which one to use. Finally chose this one. But any one of the other fabrics would have worked as well. Take your time to pick something you love and it will turn out great.

If you have a little time before January gets here (hah!), sort through some of your reproduction fabric pieces to find suitable fabrics to use. Organize your sewing space to get ready. Clear off that sewing table. Get a nice box to store your blocks as you make them. I love these plastic project cases for storing blocks for some of my in-progress quilts. I bought them at Michaels in the Scrapbooking department last year and I hope they're still available. 

We'll be taking it slowly and making six blocks each week. There are 72 blocks total so if you keep to the schedule I created it will take 12 weeks to complete all of them. This will still give you time to work on some of your other projects as well and not feel too overwhelmed. If the sampler quilt is not for you, there are six charming little quilts made from some of the 4" blocks that are also included in the book. 

And, if you're all set to go and have nothing to do - have you made any little trees yet this year? Too cute, huh? I had very good intentions to put them all together into a quilt this year but so far have only finished 18 little trees. I keep rolling them over to the next year . . . . The paper piecing pattern is on my website under free patterns.   


Carolknits said...

Great information. Thank you. Yes, those storage boxes are still available at Michael's. I try to get them on sale. They are perfect for projects like this and for storing jelly rolls and cakes.

sue bennett said...

Love those trees. Looking forward to the sew a long your blocks are beautiful.


Karen said...

In the previous post, I'd commented that I hadn't been able to find the book instock here in Canada. Well I was just able to order one and it should be here before Christmas; yeah! Super excited and looking forward to this! Love those trees!

celkalee said...

As usual, thank you for customizing the project for those who aren't on Facebook. Your dedication to your craft speaks well for the professional quilting community. Thank You!

Kathleen Tracy said...

Celkalee - I aim to please!

Kathleen Tracy said...

Karen - glad to hear you were able to get a book!

QuiltGranma said...

The pattern for those little trees, or any of the other blocks make great lightly padded Christmas tree ornaments, or gift tags too!

Marcia said...

Last year I used the little tree and added borders to make mug mats for everyone in a small quilting group I was invited to join a couple years ago. They were easy and cute as well as being well received. Also gave several to friends and family.
Thanks for posting to website for the School Girl Sampler. I am looking forward to it.

Mary said...

This sounds like so much fun! I just ordered my book and it will be here on Thursday. Looking forward to a new project with quilting friends on your blog. Thank you so much!

Binsa said...

I have just learnt that my order for the book has been delayed until mid January it was supposed to arrive this week.It is due to congestion at NZ airport then needs to clear customs in Melbourne.Drat and bother.Hopefully I can follow on your blog Kathleen until I receive the book


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