Thursday, August 27, 2020

A Few Small Finishes

Making little quilts is a whole lot of fun. But it drives me nuts when I have so many unfinished ones stacked up. It's satisfying to design and make them for my groups but then they always seem to pile up - unfinished - as I constantly move onto other things.  Most of them are simple enough - don't know why I have such a problem finishing them. Last week I decided enough was enough.  I want to work on so many other quilts (large ones, mostly) but I knew if the small ones kept hanging over my head I'd probably never get anything finished. There will always be new projects and ideas pulling me in but sometimes it's good to sit down and just complete something, am I right?

I feel like I've done a FEW little things this year.  For a change, I actually finished a monthly challenge - the small quilt for August. 


And my Tumbler/Thimbles doll quilt - 

Lately, I get giddy when I finally finish something, even something small.  

Other quilts that needed to be finished - 


I pulled out two and kept them on my sewing table. Made a plan - 



                                                                         Here we go -


Yesterday, I finished the other little one. Honestly, it took me all of an hour and a half so I don't know what the problem was that kept me procrastinating so long, LOL. 

All of these quilts are free patterns in my Facebook group and the other small quilt group. Now I've moved on to quilting my little log cabin quilt that was started last year.  Another easy finish I keep putting off. 

              More to do. Maybe I'll get this one finished before NEXT Valentine's Day -   




Sandy said...

I’m the opposite. Making small or doll quilts is what recharges my batteries. When I start a small quilt, I usually don’t stop until it’s completely finished, sometimes all in one sitting! It’s the big quilts that I stall on. I adore your little quilts, Kathleen. I can’t wait until your new book comes out!

belarmina said...

Kathleen Precioso todos ellos.

Cynthia@wabi-sabi-quilts said...

Each of these little quilts is so pretty - congratulations on finishing them! I'm especially struck by the little quilt with the light/dark hourglass center - that unexpected block just elevates the quilt into something so special! I've only recently gotten into making little quilts "just because" and I find them to be really satisfying to finish.

Vickie Lewis said...

Love making the mini quilts but struggle getting them to the finish. Great job, love your work.

Deborah from Valparaiso said...

Love Love making the mini quilts....and I have stacks that need to be bound....You asked me a couple years ago to post mine that I did with your patterns....and we're still waiting for me to put bindings on!

quiltgrannie said...

I have a closet full of UFO's nagging at me wanting to be done. After reading this post maybe I'll make a plan too. I love everyone of your quilts!!!

Unknown said...

I have some unfinished quilts of various sizes too. My problem is I don't have a good plan and location for finishing them. I would like to put them on a quilting machine, but I don't have one, and I don't trust anyone else to do the quilting, not to mention I feel I should avoid the extra cost and just do it myself. I could lay them on my king-sized Temperpedic bed, but then I have to start in the morning and get it all layered and pinned in one day or I don't have a place to sleep. Also, I don't like handling large pieces of fabric.
I am always excited to get another quilt started, so I end up leaving the others unfinished.

Kathleen Tracy said...

Well, it sure sounds like a few of you are in the same place I am with finishing things, LOL . . . Now I don't feel so bad.

Linda said...

So agree that I am in the same place. I have three sandwiches ready to quilt on my machine, but always feel I need a block of time to do it, and usually can’t spare more than a few minutes. Need to work on that. AND, really like having something to work on in the evenings with my husband in front of the TV, so usually need a little time each day to prepare applique pieces, then end up with more tops completed but not finished. But yes, nice to know we are all in the same boat, and creating is such a joy in itself! Love everything you do, Kathy!!!

Karen said...

Congrats on finishing them. They all are beautiful. I especially love the Thimbles quilt with that blue border. I have many unfinished projects, with 6 of them being from your patterns. I really want to finish them up, so I recently put them all up on my design board, to decide how to do that. I haven't done much hand quilting and I'm trying to talk myself into it. Thanks for showing us your lovely pieces and writing such wonderful books and patterns.

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Chezvies said...

they are so beautiful and thank you for the inspiration!


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