Friday, May 22, 2020

Keeping Busy

I'm a little late in posting this, but  - we're done! The final clue was given for the 2020 Mystery Quilt earlier this month.

The borders were added, applique finished and I hope to hand quilt it when I have time. It's definitely a different look for me and I had fun trying something new and putting it all together. The applique was easy and very relaxing.  

This is the fourth Mystery Quilt I've designed for my groups.  The monthly patterns will remain in the group files and up on my website (under Mystery Quilt) until the end of the year so if you didn't choose to participate in January - May, you can still download the patterns until then. I hope you had a little fun making the blocks every month.


The challenge quilt for this month in my groups is to make the pink and brown Shoo Fly doll quilt from my book The Civil War Sewing Circle. You can make it in any colors you like.


I've been keeping busy with a few larger projects and have also recently gotten back to making triangles for my Dear Jane quilt. They're not especially difficult if you use the DJ software and print out the paper piecing patterns. They just take me a long time. 

Antique-looking samplers are fun quilts and even though I don't always have time to work on this one as much as I'd like, it's still something I find I can pick up in between other projects. I'm trying to focus on it a little more now while staying home so hopefully there will be some progress made. 

I still really love this quilt and the stories surrounding it  -  Jane Stickle made or finished her unique sampler quilt comprised of 225 blocks and triangles in 1863 during one of the the most turbulent times in American history, the Civil War. The assumption is that this was a project that gave her a creative outlet and something to focus on during the time the war was raging. Here's an article about Jane's quilt that I think some of you will find interesting. 

I have to say I've learned a lot from working on this quilt over the past 10 years (!). Most importantly, patience and persistence. I think you have to have seen some of these finished "Jane" quilts in person or the original quilt in order to be truly inspired to make one yourself. Pictures don't do it justice.  I'm awfully glad I took the challenge back in 2010 and then stuck with it. And also glad that I was lucky enough to see the quilt up close on display at the Bennington Museum a few years ago. An unforgettable experience for a quilter in love with antique quilts.

I think what I have the most fun with is picking through all of my fabrics - some old, some new - to make the blocks. This quilt will be like a catalog of some of my favorite reproduction prints. I'm still working on putting all of my blocks together with the sashing. My goal for the rest of this year.

I have promises to keep. And miles to go before I sleep . . . .

Have a good weekend, all! I received a photo of the cover for my new book, which should be coming out in October. I'm waiting to show you until it's posted on Amazon or the Martingale website with a little more info. Soon! I know you're going to love it. I will keep you posted. 


celkalee said...

Such beautiful work, and sticking with Dear Jane is beyond amazing. Thank you for sharing, you do inspire!

babeth said...

Merveilleux travail, F√ČLICITATIONS.
Merci pour le partage

Melinda said...

When we were living in NY (1977-88), I saw Jane's quilt exhibited somewhere and was awestruck at her workmanship,persistance,and creativity.Also realized that I haven't "got it" to recreate those blocks:I am well-acquainted with my personal frustration factor.

Kathleen Tracy said...

Melinda - You are right - it's not for everyone. At times I thought I never should have started - it was just too difficult. But then I would get over the hump and learn how to do the things I thought I could not do. Amazing how that worked. As I said, I learned a lot. About quilting and myself.

quiltgrannie said...

Kathy ~ Your Dear Jane is going to amazing!! You do such lovely work with the fabric choices and the piecing. I haven't worked on mine for quite some time, but I will one day. Looking forward to finally seeing your new book.

Charlotte said...

Beautiful Dear Jane blocks. Your quilt in progress is stunning. It is a fantastic quilt. Hubby was even impressed when we saw it at the Bennington Museum.


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