Sunday, January 12, 2020

Monthly Small Quilts Update - Where to Buy the Book

Some of you have e-mailed me asking where to find the book we'll be using for the monthly small quilt challenges - The Civil War Sewing Circle. Last fall, we talked about it in our Facebook group and decided to work on quilts from this one.  And then shortly after I sold out of any copies I had left.  It's out of print now but you can still find some copies floating around on the internet. Unfortunately, the price is often marked up drastically by some who are selling copies (Not me - And I wouldn't buy from someone who charges more than the retail price.)

A good alternative to a hard copy of the book is to get an e-book from Martingale, my publisher. You simply purchase the book for $16.99 and download instantly to your computer or iPad. A good (and relatively affordable) solution for international members of the Facebook group as well. You can purchase all of my books this way and save on shipping.

Here's the link to buying an e-book

Print out the specific pages for each quilt as we work on them. We'll be making six quilts from the book this year and that comes to about $3.00 per pattern. Cheap, if you ask me.

Here are a few tips on downloading the e-books


Kerry said...

Kathleen, for those in the UK, Kaleidoscope, in Scotland ( have some available, but I don't know how many. They usually go to the main shows (and even a smaller section in local small shows) so a reliable source. Not sure if they will ship overseas though.
Hope this helps anyone needing your book! :D

Iherba said...

Gracias por la información, aunque me gusta más el libro en papel me pondré en contacto con Martingale para comprarlo. Vivo en España y compré en Diciembre uno de tus libros en Kaleidoscopio ya que no podía acceder a tu web, nunca llegó el libro. Tuve la suerte después de un mes que me devolvieran el importe.

Un saludo


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