Friday, June 8, 2018

Pretty Baskets

Everyone loves baskets and they've always been a popular motif in quilts. Long ago, there were so many uses for baskets and they were such a part of nineteenth century life that it’s really no surprise that they found their way into quilting patterns as well. We should all have one or two basket quilts in our collection, don't you think?

Here are some basket quilts I've made over the years:

Civil War baskets from my book Remembering Adelia.

Olivia Loves Baskets pattern is available on my website.

Prairie Baskets is from my second book Prairie Children & Their Quilts.

Cherry Baskets is also available as a pattern on my website

The one below is a vintage doll quilt.

This month in my online groups we're making quilts from 4" basket blocks. It will be fun to see all of the different variations among those who choose to join in since you can make them in your choice of  colors, fabrics and setting. The pattern is in Files in the Facebook group or the Small Quilt Talk group. Go to the sidebar on my blog to find the links.

Here's how to put the block together. (You can find directions to make the basket block in Files in the FB group.)

I have not decided on my setting yet. You can make as few or as many blocks as you wish to complete your quilt. If you only have time to make one block, turn it into a small pillow or coaster. Making a few blocks only takes a couple of hours. I promise I will nag you to work on sewing borders on your quilt next week and then quilting it the week after. By the end of June, you should have it all finished. We get (and give) a lot of encouragement in the Small Quilt Lovers Facebook group. You should join. It's fun.  

My lovely teeny tiny blue and red baskets, a special gift from my friend Marian. 

This is Aunt Sarah's Sewing Basket, from my new book, A Prairie Journey, which will be here in July (or sooner, I hope).

If you're interested in getting a signed copy of my book, go to my website to pre-order and you'll get it as soon as it comes out. (Well, almost. You do have to allow a few days for shipping.)

Have a great weekend!


Sandy said...

Your quilts are all adorable, Kathy. Sadly I do not own a basket quilt. I've taken part in a group one, and made a small one for a gift, but have yet to make one for myself. Its on my bucket list. Maybe your sew-along will be my inspiration.

---"Love" said...

All your little basket quilts are just wonderful! Your fabric choices make them so special too. I have a few larger basket blocks that I made MANY years ago; I guess I need to dig those out someday and make at least a wall hanging with them. I doubt I'll ever get the original plan finished! ---"Love"

Chezvies said...

Adorable quilts! I have purchased remembering adelia and looking forward to make one from the book

Quilting moesje said...

Little basets I've made a large baskets quiltje
Now little baskets calling me...very loud :0))
Thanks for sharing your Lovely quilts

Frankie Brown said...

Lovely quilts as ever. I don't have any basket quilts but I do have a house full of baskets. They hold yarn, fabric and all sorts of other crafty stuff. Maybe they need a basket quilt to keep them company.

Gretchen Weaver said...

Your basket quilts are lovely. When is the June mystery quilt clue released? I need to have the mystery quilt flimsy finished by June 25th.

Jennifer M said...

Kathy all your basket quilts are wonderful. I think every quilter needs at least one basket quilt.

quiltgrannie said...

It looks as though another basket quilt is in my future!! Love Aunt Sarah's Sewing Basket !!

Ann at Prairie Primrose said...

All your basket quilts are so sweet!


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