Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Doll Quilt Club

The doll quilt club I ran this past summer through  fall is now over. The last pattern was sent out last week. I hope you enjoyed this little adventure and had fun quilting along with me. I thought all the quilts turned out very cute if I say so myself.

I had decided to retire the patterns after the club was finished but since there was some renewed interest from those who missed it I decided to run it again. So, beginning in January 2017 I will make the patterns available for awhile longer and those of you who missed it the first time round can join in 2017.

Note: these are the same patterns from the Papa's Shirts and Mama's Dresses Doll Quilt Club that began  last July and ran through November, so if you joined my club this past year, you already have them. (Look under the piles of fabric on your sewing table.)

See more details and ordering info at my website - Country Lane Quilts.  After this second run of the club ends next May, I will retire these patterns and perhaps bring them back as individual patterns sometime in the future.

Clubs are always a lot of fun. With mine, you receive a pattern in the mail every month for several months. A nice surprise in your mailbox on a regular basis. Some of you may remember that I started my first doll quilt club - The American Schoolgirl Club - a few years ago. I would not be surprised if some of you have these patterns that still need to be made, LOL. Those of you who are "newish" fans of mine and  small quilts  - if you missed that older club you can find those individual patterns listed as booklets for sale on the Pattern page.

Recently, there was some interest in a pattern I designed for the first club called Sisters Signature Quilt after Marian showed the one she made and posted in my Facebook group -


Didn't Marian's quilt turn out sweet? You'll be happy to know I revived that pattern and it too is now available again on my website and/or Etsy shop. Marian added sashing to hers and used 6 blocks (instead of nine as in the original pattern) signed with the names of some of her friends.

*   *  *

With Thanksgiving coming up this week I know I'm going to be very busy with family and cooking and cleaning. How about you? If you're entertaining, you may want to take a look at one of my previous blog posts where I listed a bunch of my favorite holiday appetizers. I'm going to make a few of them again this year (and probably more this time, especially the wrapped apple slices) because they always go over very well. 

Here's my favorite recipe for a delicious Cranberry Cream Cheese Trifle. It's a holiday standard at my house for Christmas and Thanksgiving. I use walnuts instead of pecans and don't mix them into the cheese mixture as in the recipe - I just layer them on top because there's always someone who doesn't like nuts in my family (hard to believe -  don't we all have nuts in our families??) Looking forward to cooking and eating and spending time with my favorite nutty relatives. 


Robin McGuire said...

Kathy, I received this month's pattern yesterday and I love it! I had received the Sister's Signature quilt pattern on Friday so I have plenty to keep me busy until your new book comes out! I may have to quit at least one of my jobs to keep up!

Debra said...

Hi, Kathy!

I, too, received the latest club pattern, and I need to start pulling fabrics from my stash. I always look forward to the day after Thanksgiving. After all the cooking and family fun, it's very comforting to have a day of peace, creativity and left-overs to look forward to! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

marian said...

Kathy, I have enjoyed both clubs and i'm so pleased to hear that more people are wanting to get on board. A little birdie told me there's renewed growing interest in small / doll quilts.. are we surprised?? I have a very good feeling about your new book.. only two weeks to go, very exciting!!

Rosemary said...

Help! I REALLY do not want to miss joining these clubs. I have been and am on your email list but what can I do to be sure NOT to let them get by me again ... I love little quilts and especially yours! Thanks for any and all help!!

Jennifer Mohror said...

I love all of these! Between these and your book, I will have plenty to choose from:)) I hope you and your family have a Blessed Thanksgiving<3

quiltgrannie said...

I received my pattern also, between all the club patterns and your new book it looks like the new year is going to be filled with a lot of fun sewing for me.
Pretty soon we will all have your new book in our hands and dreaming about which sweet little quilt to make first......


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