Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sharing the Love

Happy Valentine's Day! I started celebrating early. Yesterday, I had fun meeting some wonderful quilters and giving a little talk and trunk show of my quilts at one of my favorite shops - Ye Olde Schoolhouse Quilt Shop in Cedarburg, Wisconsin.  Jeanie and her staff were welcoming,  wonderful and warm, as always. Thought I'd give you a blog tour to share the love with you. They clearly love their customers (as well as quilts and fabric and all sorts of cute quilting-related things)

Ye Olde Schoolhouse - it's a "must stop at" shop.

A wash tub full of scraps! What could be better for making my scrappy little quilts?

Stop by if you're ever in the area. The shop is a few miles north of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

Jeanie at the shop made up some kits of some of my quilts. I think there may be some left. Contact the shop  if you're interested in buying one.

Thanks to all of you who braved the cold and came out to see me yesterday! It was great to see so many familiar faces and also lots of new ones. 

Gotta love this little box.

*  *  *
Have a great Valentine's Day, everyone. My sweet husband let me sleep in this morning and then made me cranberry scones for breakfast. And, now, it's snowing . . . . what more could I ask for? (Being able to watch Season 2 of "Fargo" would be nice . . . it disappeared from my cable service before I finished Season 1. Love that show and now I'm hooked. You betcha!)

I was hoping to get something finished for the challenge this month but I was busy working on finishing up my book quilts and meeting my deadline. It's all turned in now (Yay!) and I just have to wait until the Martingale staff does it's magic  . . .  It's going to be hard to wait until the end of the year to see how it all comes together. 

Here's a little peek . . . 


Rosa said...

That shop is absolutely beautiful.I spy fabulous quilts and projects and yummiest fabrics.Sure you will finish on time your book.

Have a fun week.

Sam I Am...... said...

Thank you for all the pictures! I don't get out to shops like that anymore and it is fun and inspiring to see them again! I am from Illinois and hoping to move back soon as I miss it and I miss Winter! Crazy huh? I am packing to move but I still need to sew so that will be the last thing I pack! LOL! Happy Valentine's Day!

Sharlene said...

OMG! that little wood box!

Are they sold there? I would love to have one.

Jennifer M said...

Kathy Thank you for sharing pictures, always so nice to see pictures since I wasn't able to attend. Looks like a good turn out and I am sure it was so enjoyed by all:) I really like the little sneak peek, can't wait to see more!

Sue Bennett said...

The shop looks great. Would love to go there one day.. beautiful quilts on the wall.
I know you had a good time there.

Kathleen Tracy said...

Sharlene - Not sure if they have any boxes left. Contact the shop - there's a link above. Love it too.

Robin said...

Wonderful tour of the shop. I would have so loved to have been there. Thanks for taking me there via blogland. The photo of all the little quilt selvages is delightful.

Kim said...

I was at the shop yesterday and sat in on your talk and enjoyed seeing your quilts in person. Jeanie has a lovely shop and offers all the right fabrics to make the quilts in your books. Was really nice that she made kits of some of your quilt patterns and had her's on display as well. Her shop Is certainly among the best shops around! It's my new favorite since relocating here from Minnesota.

marian said...

Ohhh what a wonderful shop, so much eye candy and yummy fabric!
How i wish i lived closer, so that i could come to one of your trunk shows, Kathy! I'm sure it was a great day enjoyed by all who were there... thanks for sharing!

Yvonne said...

OMG I just want to jump into a plane and cross the ocean for that shop! I see so many quilts I would just LOVE to make! It must have been so much fun your trunkshow!

Nancy said...

I used to visit this shop and the Cedarburg Woolen Mill every when I would fly to Milwaukee and drive up to stay with my Mom for a couple weeks in Cedarburg. My favorite 'nook' was that small little room to the right when coming up into the room. The classroom area was fun to look around too. Heck - the entire shop was WUNDERBAR!

Candee said...

Oh I have got to get to that shop! Wish I was at your trunk show. I just can't wait to see the quilts in your new book. Thank you for sharing all of the inspiring photos! Maybe you could partner with this shop to offer kits for your new patterns for SQT next year.


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