Friday, August 21, 2015

Inspired by Beads

Quilting isn't the only thing that inspires me to be creative. I love playing with beads and have since I was a child.  Two words - Pop beads. Remember? What fun my friend Audrey (NOT Audrey Hepburn) and I had with those in 3rd grade, making things and trading. (Shhh, pretend you don't know how old I am now.)


If you're longing for some retro fun, Hey Viv! is a shop that still sells these.

I, however, have graduated. Not to gems, though. Now I favor turquoise beads combined with silver and natural colored, polished stones. Every now and then, instead of doing the things I'm supposed to be doing or just to take a break from making blocks for a quilt or sewing on a binding. I bring out my bead boxes and fritter the day away making earrings or bracelets. It's very relaxing and I still get my "color fix."

These unique silver beads would look great mixed with any color beads.

I've added a few new things to my Etsy shop so you can see for yourself. (When I was very young, I received much encouragement from my mom and sisters whenever I attempted anything creative - "Oh, Kathleen, it's beautiful!" Hence, the name of the shop. See what happens when someone encourages me?? I believe them.)

FYI - I make custom orders as well and if blue is not your color, e-mail me and I'll see what I can do. 


Audrey said...

I love these and it is something that I've wanted to get in to but I don't know about another hobby... I'll check out your etsy shop now!

quiltgrannie said...

I'm the proud owner of a few pieces of Kathy's handmade jewelry and I just love it!! I could really get into trying this sometime but I just haven't found the time. I do remember those pop beads and how fun it was to play with them. Thanks for this sweet post Kathy, it's fun to remember these things.

Sally said...

I loved playing with pop beads! I also make jewelry, now and then. Your selections are lovely. I love Turquoise (of course, I'm from Arizona) and would grab some in a heart beat if the holes in my ears hadn't grown together again long ago (my long hair kept getting in the way of ear rings!) thanks for sharing!

Sally said...

Thanks for link to HeyViv. Just ordered some pop beads for my granddaughter! Very reasonable. (got some for me too....)

Cindy A. said...

I remember pop beads! I think I still have some in my dresser drawer as a matter of fact. Mom got them for my sister and me to play with in the car on a trip to the beach. That was probably sometime in the '70s. Mine aren't as shiny as yours though, but they're still colorful. Funny how something as simple as pop beads can bring back fun summer memories. Thanks!


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