Thursday, May 7, 2015

Blooms of Springtime

I love being outside and smelling the freshness in the air. I was walking the dog the other day and it started raining  - yes, we got wet but oh, the air and earth smelled so good! Instead of running, we sauntered home. I've always had spring allergies but lately, for some reason, I seem to be outgrowing them. Imagine, at my age, finally "outgrowing" my allergies. I must be going through my second childhood, ha ha.

My lovely bleeding hearts are blooming in the backyard as I write this and the lilacs are almost there too. (Arrrgh - My camera seems to be malfunctioning this week so all of these photos are from last May. The yard is not quite  this lush yet. Two more weeks.) 

I'm so happy that I'll be teaching my favorite little springtime quilt - Clarissa's Garden -  at a workshop this Saturday. A perfect time to applique some flowers. If you don't have it, you can purchase the pattern on my website.

Will you be doing something with flowers this Mother's Day weekend? Either in the garden or in your sewing room? After I get home from teaching, I'll look forward to seeing my kids on Sunday. My daughter will get me something for the garden. My son and I will watch the Chicago Bulls do their best in the playoff game and cheer and scream and yell at the refs. My husband will cook something yummy for us on the grill. No cooking or cleaning for me for a change. No sewing either, but a perfect day nonetheless. Maybe I should bring out my pretty English Rose Garden plates??  Hurry up, Sunday! Weather, please be nice.

Have a Happy Mother's Day



Jennifer M said...

Happy Mother's Day to you to Kathy. Love the pictures of your flowers, even though they are from last year:)) Sounds like a perfect enjoyable day!

Sue Bennett said...

Happy Mothers Day Kathy.

quiltgrannie said...

Hope you are able to spend the day with your kids!! Happy Mother's Day!!

Ruth said...

I love lilacs and there are some bushes growing here that I stop to sniff on my walk. I grew up near where you live and we had them in the back yard. I just planted a bleeding heart here at our new home in Oregon - I've always loved those also. Compared to Texas, where we moved from and lived for 30 years, gardening is much easier here. Happy Mother's Day!

Liz said...

Happy Mother's Day too Kathleen

Clear Chan said...

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