Thursday, May 1, 2014

What Have They Done with Spring?

Will spring never get here? I know I say this every year. But this year . . .  it's all been a little too much to take at times. Maybe Mother Nature is waiting to see just how much we can take and how long we can go on complaining about the weather. We've had so much rain and cold weather here in Chicago lately. At least the trees are becoming a little green and the brown is drifting away. 

But still no flowers. Unless you count the ones I buy or receive . . . .

My husband remembered the 32nd anniversary (!) of the day we met. Well, sort of. I gave him a big hint and a little nudge. One morning last week, I woke him up and said "Happy Anniversary, Sweetie!" He looked puzzled and I could see the dusty wheels turning and imagine the sleepy thoughts churning -  "Let's see, we were married in September but it's not September yet. Oh, it must be the day we met . . . .Yeah, that's got to be it." So, for my effort, I got flowers that evening. He said he bought them because they had heart-shaped leaves and that made him think of me. I made him steak for dinner, a rarity at our house. (Last night, for instance, we had cabbage bean soup and broiled zucchini sticks sprinkled with Parmesan cheese on the side, LOL. We're getting healthier [and hungrier] by the minute. Also, older.)

If you're like me and live in an area that has seen way too much bleakness and cold this year, getting impatient for a true springtime to arrive, here's a free pattern for a cute little flower quilt that may uplift your spirits and keep you busy. I designed it for the May Quilt of the Month for my Yahoo group. I'm hoping that as soon as I finish writing this blog post the sun will miraculously come out and we'll be there already.

This little project is so cute and it's very easy to put together. I played around and made a sample block yesterday.  Just make Snowball blocks and use a different color for one square for the flower center when you put 4 blocks together. Download the pattern and you'll see directions for making the blocks in two sizes.

Sew diagonal lines onto the corner squares on the larger square. Add one corner in a different color.

Flip and press the corners.

Trim the seams.

Make four of these and sew together as seen below.

Such a cute little flower. 

Add a button. Or a stem and leaves by adding them onto a plain block. Then fill your house and thoughts with flower blocks and quilts and maybe spring will arrive here for me in Chicago. I'll keep wishing and hoping . . . .


terriquilts said...

I'm right there with you, Kathy. Southwest Michigan looks much the same as Chicago! I am noticing the trees take on a tinge of green, so there is hope! Thank you for the cute pattern!

Donna K. from N. Texas said...

Send some of that extra rain down to drought-ridden Texas. Our lakes are drying up!!! Cute pattern.

Leeanne said...

Beautiful little block, I like the touch of the button. Here in New Zealand, we have been having a long summer, well it seems to me. But this week has seen a change for the cooler.Enjoy your spring!

Sue said...

Thank you for the pattern! I am waiting for the warmer weather here as well in Michigan. As I went for my walk this morning, I wondered the same thing...will it ever warm up? Here's to hoping!

Liz L said...

Thanks for the little pattern Kathleen. After months of miserable rain everyday, it is finally warming up here on the West Coast An amazing 26C today. Keep your spirits up, Spring is on the way.

marian said...

Hopefully your spring blossoms will be out in full bloom soon, and your days will be sunnier too.
Thanks again for the sweet quilt pattern, can't wait to get it started :)) cheers... Marian

marijo.m said...

Merci beaucoup, c'est ravissant. Bonne journée.

Ann in PA said...

Kathy, It's still "winter-brown" here, too. Thank you for the adorable flower the button.

quiltgrannie said...

Thanks for the pattern Kathy, I will be making a couple birthday gifts with it.

Tricia said...

Yea... the wish for weather is also going in here in Barryton, in our little village. With the cold, gray rainy day we are just happy that the flooded river has receded and is no longer a threat. I,too; am looking forward to seeing those little flower heads push through the soil. I have some friends with birthdays this month & I can't wait to make these pretty posies as gifts for them. Thanks for the great pattern Kathy!

In Kind Regards,
Tricia of Mid-Michigan

Carolyn DiPerri said...

I agree with you, Kathy about this long winter. Here in New Hampshire it has still been very cold and cloudy. On the bright side, the best thing to do in lousy weather is quilt! Thanks for the cute floral pattern. Happy Sewing.


Rose Victorien said...

merci du cadeau, c'est très mignon,
je devrai y arriver, merci pour vos jolies création

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this beautiful quilt pattern! Have a nice day!


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