Monday, January 13, 2014

Pincushion Fun

My Yahoo group is making pincushions for a swap. Some in the group were hesitant to join in because they had never made a pincushion. Imagine! Pincushions can be so simple to make. Marian gave everyone the idea to make some simple pincushions from orphan or leftover blocks and shows how she did hers on her blog. Aren't they just lovely? She makes it all look so easy. And, with pincushions, it really is.
Five little scrappy pincushions
I've been so busy with family and other things lately to do much sewing, pincushions or otherwise, but today I think I may have a few minutes and, if I do, I will take out my numerous leftover or reject blocks from other projects -
Pick one,  and make a simple pincushion.

I think it's going to be this star block. Maybe I'll get on a roll and be like Marian and make five  . . .
(Doll pillow pincushions are in my book The Civil War Sewing Circle. Striped pincushion - cut 1" x 3 3/4"strips and sew them together. Use some pretty decorative machine stitches at the seams.)
How about you? Even just a little something can get those creative vibes flowing. Make a little pincushion from a leftover block. Keep it for yourself or perhaps put a smile on someone's face and give it away.




Lisa Mikel said...

You have inspired me to make a pin cushion for myself and a friend today. Marian's pin cushions are lovely as are yours. I love your Civil War Sewing Circle book!I just pulled it off my shelf for more inspiration today.

Anonymous said...


Your blocks are lovely; I think you would have enough of them to make a sampler quilt and pincushions.

Carole Y. from Canada

Leeanne said...

Very cute, I like the ones with the strip of lace, they look like little pillows.

Louise said...

I have made numerous pincushions using your directions from the little doll pillow version. All have been gifted to quilting friends. Such a quick easy to do gift!

marian said...

Kathy, how fun are they to make and they whip up in no time at all, i simply couldn't stop at one lol!! your pinwheel pincushion is adorable!! i can't wait for the swap, it's going to be so much fun :)))

Susannah said...

I think you will be the one to get me going. Your pin cushions are right up my alley and they look fabulous. I would be so very proud to give one away or to keep it for my self. I think you may have inspired me to get going!

Thank you, Kathy!


Carmen y Prady said...

Una idea estupenda. Son preciosos y estan perfectamente hechos.
Un beso.

quiltgrannie said...

What better way to give life to those cute little blocks being tucked away begging to come out and play. I had fun making some pin cushions too and now I have several little gifts ready when needed.

Pam in IL said...

I just happen to have a bunch of leftover blocks just waiting for their chance to be used. Thanks for the inspiration!

agullainquieta said...

Son preciosos todos!
Un abrazo


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