Thursday, December 12, 2013

Deep Freeze

Brrrr! It's pretty cold here in Chicagoland. 8 degrees F right now. It was only 6 degrees this morning when I went outside to fill the bird feeders. Please don't stop feeding the birds in winter. It can be a difficult time for our feathered friends and they need the sustenance in extreme weather in order to survive.

Beautiful Lake Michigan

Last weekend my daughter and I went to see the movie Frozen. We both loved it. What perfect timing too, what with the freezing weather and all. It was loosely based on The Snow Queen, one of my favorite childhood fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen. The animation was fantastic and the music was wonderful.
So, the reindeer are out around the house. It's almost time to bring out the Prancer  video too . . . . probably my favorite Christmas film ever since my kids were little. It's a tradition in our family now. I know I tell you this every year, but watch it if you haven't seen it and tell me you don't feel the magic of Christmas like a kid again.

I am almost finished with the felt ornament for my daughter but my fingers needed a rest - they're cracked and chapped no matter what I do. Sewing is a little painful and I hate wearing a thimble. I became so caught up in the ornament thing (as I do every year about this time) that I even pulled out my Prairie Schooler Santa and Christmas patterns. If my fingers heal in a day or so I may get some cross stitching finished too. But it will probably be this small reindeer ornament, not the Christmas Village I started in 1999.

 After all these years, I still love almost every single Prairie Schooler pattern. I WILL make them someday.
*    *    *
Have a good rest of the week and weekend. On this coming Tuesday, December 17th,  there will be another nice Andover fabric giveaway here (if I finish the project in time! I'll be working this weekend . . . . ) so make sure you hop on back to take a look at what I've come up with and to see what you can win.


Sandy said...

I love all the little things you make (and all the big things, too)!

Try some A and D ointment on your chapped hands, with gloves at night if you can stand it.

Happy stitching!

Elaine said...

I, too, love Prairie Schooler patterns. I'm working on the Christma Village, also. Hope you're hands are better soon.

Ann in PA said...

Beautiful photos of the lake. Love Prairie Schooler and did a lot of cross stitch before I was consumed with quilting. I've been drawn back into it lately. Udder Cream might help those sore fingers.

krisgray said...

It's been cold here in Stl, too. Our birds are over half through a 50lb bag of sunflower seeds. I love to sit in the chair and watch them all!

mckie2 said...

When my fingers crack I paint them with 'New Skin' - a liquid bandage. They heal quickly and don't hurt while healing. Reapply as needed until healed.

Louise said...

All the suggested products are very good. I would like to add one, Camille Beckman. This stuff works overnight on my hands. Our birds are going through suet cakes like crazy.

Anonymous said...

I have the Reindeer done....heheh the rest well they will get done..I am not even up to one a decade maybe one every decade and a half..thimbles, bah hunbug.. :0) Thanks for the Lake Michigan pics... Jane

Sherrill said...

I LOVE Prairie Schooler and cannot STAND the cold. Been WAY too cold in N Texas and I'm thinking Miami might be a good place to live!! LOL

Tante Aimée said...

Brrr Brr !!! De jolis paysages, et je surveille le prochain post
Bon week-end

Lisa Mikel said...

Prancer is a family favorite of ours too. Happy Holidays!

Liz L said...

It looks so cold there Kathleen. We had an unusual cold spell here on the South Coast down to minus 13C for a week but it's warmed up again. Just the usual rain everyday. Very cute reindeer. Hope your hands have healed some.

Pam in IL said...

Yep, it's definitely cold here in IL. We're getting the heavy snow as I type this.

Have you tried O'Keefe's Working Hands? I picked some up for my mom who has been having such a hard time with her fingers cracking and bleeding and Working Hands has been a miracle for her.

Beardie Mom said...

I have my morning Chickadee feeding -- they are so cute!

Love Prairie Schooler -- have one I leave up year round!


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