Thursday, October 10, 2013

Facebook, Finally

Hey, I'm on Facebook now. I resisted for years and this past weekend I caved and joined.  I've been sooo out of the loop and decided it was time to change that.  Now I'm getting in the loop and trying to catch up with all the other quilters out there. Better late than never.  Know what? It's actually kind of fun. Facebook. Who would have guessed?
If you like my blog, LIKE me on Facebook too. Click on my Facebook link in the column on the right side of this page (not the photo below). It's a business account, not a personal account, so I'm not "friending" anyone. But I'd love to see your comments.

It's been fun posting pictures and writing there about quilting. It's not blogging, just another way to connect with those of you who want to stay connected and see what I'm doing on a more frequent basis. Hanging out together you could say. And one more way for me to spread my love of quilting all over the place. Wish me luck and perhaps I won't fizzle out on you like I did with Twitter . . . .

**     **     **
It's been so long but today I'm getting back to working on some applique and then hope to have time to play around with my Maple Leaf blocks to see if I can make it all work together.

Yesterday, I went through my scraps, looking for just the right combination  to go with the blocks . . . .  Funny, these blocks look so bright yet they're all made with reproduction fabrics and not colors I'm used to working with so much. I love the way they almost have a "modern" look.

 Are you in a Maple Leaf mood yet?



Ann in PA said...

Those delicious fall colors look like our mountains here in PA. I need to get busy on my Maple Leaf quilt! Congrats on your leap to Facebook.

Jen said...

Welcome to Facebook! I have got to say I am loving your fall leaves, and I have been itching to start on another leaf quilt, especially this time of the year.

Karen said...

I just made comments on your FB. I'm so glad you joined. It's just one more place I can keep up with cute quilts and projects.
Have fun.

Susan said...

Welcome to Facebook! I've liked your will be fun keeping up with you and your projects there.

marian said...

Kathy, personally i think facebook is a great way of connecting with designers & quilters on a daily basis... it keeps everyone inspired & up to date.
Btw i love your 'bright' scrappy maple leaves.. they are simply yummy :))) cheers... Marian

agullainquieta said...

I love the colors, so Autumn and well combined!
Congratulations for being on Facebook, I'm not still there.

Regina said...

Your Maple blocks are so pretty. I used your pattern for a table topper for my kitchen. I received my block, I love it! Thank you so much, I will be sure to use it!!!


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