Friday, March 15, 2013

Put Down Those Uglies and Celebrate

Had enough of those ugly fabrics you've been working with this month? I'm taking a break from working with my uglies for this month's little quilt and celebrating National Quilting Day early. Yes, quilters, we have a national holiday! Who knew? And we're not even presidents or saints. (Unless you're a mother or a wife, then yes, you certainly qualify for sainthood. The new pope proclaimed it, I hear.)
Today, I also took a small break from cutting up pinks and reds for the remainder of the Little Sweethearts kits because my wrist was feeling achy and look what I came up with - a cute little pattern for a quilt using up some of those scraps I bought not too long ago.

Remember these? They've now been sorted and bagged and have been just sitting there on my table for weeks, waiting (begging?) to be used up. So, okay, I looked at them this morning and decided to work with these scraps for a few minutes to get me inspired and motivated to go back to the kit work.

These were fun to make! Maybe I'll finish the rest tomorrow. Now, I'm mostly using my "pretties," but this is another small quilt that would probably look great with a few uglies tucked in here and there to make it sort of "antiquey" looking. I'll try to use some of those too.
I've been meaning to put up some new patterns for purchase on my website but find that I seem to keep making patterns that I give away instead. As I was sewing, I thought, heck -  I wonder if anyone would buy this pattern? It's so cute. What if I sold the pattern and included a bag of assorted scraps to go along with it? Not a kit exactly, but just some scraps that will help you get started making this. Maybe even a few uglies, LOL. So I put it up on my website today in case anyone is interested. I have not finished making mine yet but you can buy the pattern here.

Darn cute.
Well, I don't know what you're doing tomorrow, but I'm going to observe our national holiday by working on this pretty little quilt and celebrate the day along with everyone else: Yay! I'm a quilter and I have a day of recognition for my hobby. What else should I be doing?
"Hey, too much quilting going on here - how about a National Dog Walking Day for a change??! I'm waaaiting. . . . "  (Sweetie, in case you forgot, every day is national dog walking day here at our house . . . . )
* * - - * * - -  * *
I am finishing up with the Little Sweethearts kits and be assured - if yours has not arrived yet, they will all be mailed out to the rest of you who ordered one sometime next week. Hopefully, that is, barring any unforeseen circumstances that may crop up (something always seems to).  I'm working my way down the list. Most have gone out already and I will make my daily trek to the Post Office with more packages this afternoon. Thanks for being so patient. (The kits are now sold out but you can still buy the Little Sweethearts runner pattern here.)


Tricia said...

Oooohhhh the first one to comment. Hummmm. I SO would buy the pattern and the wonderful scrap bag!!! Well as soon as I saved up enough of my pennies...LOL. I stalk eerrrr read ... yeah that's it!! I READ you blog every week. I also would be sooooo in if there was a give away for said item LOL. Thank you for taking the time to share the insight of your thoughts, your patterns and stories with us. We love you for all that you give us.

Tricia Morrison-Stork

Sue said...

I too, will be happily spending the day tomorrow in honor of this wonderful craft!

Happy quilting to you!

Melanie said...

Does shopping for 'the wonderful craft count' ???? You have to grab the shopping days when you can get them--- and it's birthday shopping;)

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

Ah, don't forget St. Quilta the Comforter from Susan Shie's work.

marian said...

a National Quilting Day??.. i like the sound of that!! I'm loving your scrappy hourglass doll quilt, it's adorable :)))

Anonymous said...

Been celebrating National Quilt Day here in Egypt for the last 11 hours. It doesn't matter where in the world you are there's always a quilter just like there is always a happy hour somewhere in the world.


Anonymous said...

OMG!! Kathy, I love your hourglass quilt. You come up with the cutest patterns!! Happy quilting day to you and everyone in the group. I have some hand quilting I'm working on but in really my hands are itching to start cutting something new!! LOL Karen/IL

Anonymous said...

Love this quilt pattern. I think it would be great for using with our charm exchange fabrics ! Happy Quilting Day to you our "Queen" of the Small Quilters.

Joan in AZ

Marla said...

Just ordered it plus another one of your patterns. So sweet I could not resist! Happy International Quilting Day!!


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