Friday, October 5, 2012


Thank goodness it's Fall . . . and Friday too!  My sister-in-law sent this to me today and so I started my day with a laugh -

I did not make it to the gym either but I did take a long walk. I'm so happy we're having cool weather. I didn't exercise much when it was so hot this past summer; it feels good to move again. I walked yesterday too. Four times this week so far. Five times the week before. Good for me! (Sorry, I really need the pep talk to keep myself going. It could all end at any minute you know.) Since it was a beautiful morning here yesterday, everyone was out jogging and biking. Today, it was very very cool and I went a little earlier than usual so I had the whole park all to myself, except for the squirrels. The trees glistened and I felt invigorated by the cold air. It's the time of year when I feel most alive. Maybe I'll take the puppies out for a walk later.
Fall and quilts go well together, don't you think? Some of my favorites -
From The Civil War Sewing Circle
Clarissa's Garden (pattern available on my website)
From The Civil War Sewing Circle

From Prairie Children & Their Quilts
From a free pattern on my website
From a pattern available on my website
Cooler weather inspires me and so today I am playing around a little, making something with left-over hexagons and scraps. Who knows what it will turn into? It's still a mystery, a work in progress, but I know it will be very cute when I'm finished.
Are you playing around with your little hexagons?


Anna said...

your little quilts and walking are both an inspiration to me! Thank you!

Michelle Ridgway said...

Thank you for the giggle. Simply gorgeous quilts.

Dora, the Quilter said...

I just have to say how much I love the blue and yellow quilt--and all the fall leaves. Beautiful fall leaves are among the things I miss the most not living in Illinois any more. We'll soon have golden aspens in the mountains, and that is some compensation. And tomorrow is the opening of the ABQ balloon festival--which we'll watch on TV. Okay, thanks, I'm feeling better now! ;-)

regan said...

Oh! All those little quilts are so darned cute! I love 'em! Can't wait to see what you do with the hexies!

KijkDaarIs said...

What a loveley little quilts !!
and hexies are always fun....I started a new quilt to... in purple but whit bigger hexies...;0)
Have a nice day!!

Soile Kivinen said...

Those little quilts are so sweet. Thank you for the patterns.

Marisa said...

Me gusta mucho tu blog .PAZ Y AMOR

Betty Lou said...

Love your cartoon-----with the cooler weather, I don't have an excuse not to walk. Beautiful little quilts, you inspire me.

Monica said...

Good for you to be getting out and walking .... it's such a great thing to do!! (How was that for a good pep talk ;) I love the pictures of your little quilts .... something I can never get tired of. Happy Saturday!

Nancy said...

We need to see a little quilt using the colors in that beautiful fall picture you put up. Very inspiring to read about your walks lately. I was sitting on my porch enjoying the beautiful autumn winds here today when it started raining and I had to close all the windows....darn, it ruined my nice time!! Am sick, so just didn't have it in me to go outside today.
Keep sharing those lovely quilts of yours!!!

marian said...

Kathy, your quilts are so inspiring!! I'm having so much fun making my teeny hexagons, can't wait to show them to you :))

pandchintz said...

Well done with your walking - keep it going!! I'm just back from mine, having breakfast and catching up with your news. Ready now to start stitching!


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