Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Stencil Winners

Thanks so much to those of you who posted a comment here last week to win a free stencil.  Your comments were so cute and often funny and I could not pick easily so I thought it would be most fair to have my husband choose with his random-numbers-generator brain. So, here you go - the winners, picked at random, of the Rick Rack stencil are -

             Gayle at - The Middle Sister blog

             Sharlene at - sharzlee at aol dot com

             Kristy at  - soardkg at fuse dot net

Please e-mail me your mailing addresses and I will contact The Stencil Company and have your stencils sent out to you as soon as possible.

Many thanks again to the Stencil Company for this great idea. To those of you who did not win this time - if I could, I would send a stencil (or 2 or 3) to each and every one of you.  Please come back and  try again next month. And pick up some hand quilting between now and then. You will love it!
*   *    *
Here it is,  almost the end of June. Is your June quilt finished?

This one was very quick and I know you are eager to move on to a new one. The next one will not be quite as simple but I will pick one that is just as cute. I would love to choose one from my first book, American Doll Quilts, but am not sure if many of you have that one. I have not decided yet and thought I would leave it up to all of you. Amazon has copies available if you do not own it. You can sometimes find copies on eBay. Also, my publisher, Martingale, has e-books available here.

Post a comment to let me know if you think this is a fair choice since it is an older book and hard to find. I suspect many of you probably already own it. Otherwise, pick a book you would like to use for the next Small Quilt of the Month and I will take your thoughts into consideration over the next couple of days before I decide. Don't forget, we will be making the Hexagons quilt from The Civil War Sewing Circle in October and that will make 3 from that book so far. I'd like to mix it up a little.

Remember that you can post a photo of your finished quilts on my Flickr group . Some of you have done that already and I love seeing your photos. You can always add any photo of a quilt you have made from one of my patterns or books.

I look forward to sharing our next small quilt for the month of July with you. NOTE:  I will post it on MONDAY - July 2.  Please do not e-mail me on Sunday, asking if I forgot. Look for it on Monday instead of Sunday. It will still be the beginning of the month and you will have plenty of time.

Adios, muchachas (I have to go, I am making an enchilada casserole for dinner . . .  Ole!)


Jean said...

I checked our county library system and they have 4 of 5 copies of each of your books. So, if ordering a copy isn't in the budget right now, quilters could check their local library. I've really enjoyed your small quilt of the month. This is my first try at making small quilts and they have turned out beautifully. Thanks.

marian said...

congratulations to the stencil winners!!

Kathy, i'm one of the few lucky ones to own all of your books, so i really don't mind which book you choose from. However, i would love to make the amish 9-patch quilt in your first book [just thinking out loud LOL]. Look forward to seeing what you choose for July :))

Jana said...

I own all of your books too, so I don´t mind which book you choose from either! And I really love your Underground Railroad, just saying :-)
Have a great Summer,

cahirasnana said...

I too have all your books and dont mind which one you choose from. I have been busy making some small hexie flowers in anticipation of October's small quilt and haven't made this months one yet so I had better get a wriggle on I guess. Thank so much Kathy, I love all your patterns.
Claire in Aus.

SueB said...

I also own all your books so just pick away.. I love them all.

Carmen y Prady said...

Que bonito trabajo, nos ha gustado muchisimo. Los colores muy lindos. Besos.

Karen said...

Congrats to the winners!
I got all of your books a bit ago from Chapters with no trouble. I was giddy with delight when they came, lol! I'd love to do some, hopefully all of them someday, from the first book.

quilterknitter said...

The little Amish style quilt in that book would be fun to make and darling.

Karen said...

I have all 4 books and would like to make any of them!

Anonymous said...

I have all of the books so American Dolls is fine with me. Will it be patriotic?
Barbara Cissne - Garland, Texas

Kathleen Tracy said...

Good to hear so many of you have the book. It can always be patriotic if you want it to be : )

Jans said...

I have all your books so go for it.
The summer is not very hot here in Holland so good quiltingweather.
Greetings Janny S.

Linda O said...

Doing one from American Doll Quilts would be great! I got a copy in anticipation of the monthly challenges and was so glad it was still available.

annie said...

congrats to your winners!
I would love a copy of an older book, all the designs would be new to me, it would be more than fair!

kathym226 said...

I also have all of your books, so I'll be ready on Monday! Gives me a little more time this weekend to get caught up!

Michelle said...

A quilt from American Doll Quilts will be fun!

suz said...

I just bought 2 of your books, Civil War Sewing Circle and Remembering Adelia, so I hope you'll pick one from one of those.

Anonymous said...

Kathy - I love the blue & white pitcher and plate. I'm jealous. Miss you - hope you're having a fun time with your daughter. Just had a great week with my 10 year old grandson. I get to sew next week and hope to complete the July quilt.

Barbara Cissne
Garland, Texas


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