Sunday, March 11, 2012

Indiana Workshop

I just came back from Indianapolis, IN, where I taught a workshop to make one of my favorite quilts - the Orange Peel Quilt that's on the cover of my book Remembering Adelia. (This is also the book we're using to make this month's quilt. See end of this post and previous posts below).

It was the first time I had taught the class using the starch and no-melt Mylar template method of applique and it was definitely a success. Even those who typically used the needleturn method for their applique tried this one and were pleasantly surprised at how much easier it was to get nice sharp points on their peels.


It was a very relaxing workshop -  no machines needed -  all work by hand for a change. I really enjoyed seeing how everyone's peels turned out and the colors they used. 

Christine is using up some blue and light scraps left over from another quilt to make hers.

Workshops are always fun because they give me a chance to connect with some of my fans on an individual basis and make new quilting friends. Plus, they almost always bring cool things to show me -

A sweet bonnet sewing case made by someone's mother (Or grandmother? Sorry, I can't remember.).

Ann joined my Small Quilt a Month challenge and has already finished the quilts for January and February.

Another sewing case that tickled me . . .

Have to make one of these pocket organizers.

It's fun to play with the peels . . .

Gail is making a baby quilt from the pattern and her peels are all pastel prints.

Trish has one block done!

After the workshop, my husband and I stopped for lunch in a small town north of Indianapolis and had a chance to visit a few antique shops. I'm excited to show you what I bought - next time.

*   *   *

Working on your small Civil War Baskets quilt for this month's challenge? If you are doing that quilt with me this month, this is your  reminder that you should have already picked out fabrics for your baskets and cut the pieces, whether you are making the 12 baskets quilt (same as in the book) or the 4-basket quilt (sketch is in the Files section of my Yahoo group). Try to piece a few blocks together this week if you can find a little time.

Before I left for Indiana, I had time to finish one basket block and then surrounded it with sashing and borders. It turned out very sweet - who doesn't love baskets? - and is the perfect small quilt if you don't have time to make the larger one but still want to continue with a quilt every month. Did not take me long at all and now just have to applique the handles and finish.

Such a sweet little basket . . .



Gloria said...

Very nice!

RosieP said...

Looks like everyone had a great time.

Jill x

SueB said...

Looks like everyone had a great time.

I have already made my baske quilt but live you little one basket quilt, can you tell me the size of borders you used? It will make. Very nice gift.

Kathleen Tracy said...

I followed the directions for the sashing and borders in the book and then used a 1 1/4" strip for the blue inner border.

Paula said...

Love the Orange Peel pattern. Where did you find the No-melt mylar?? I have been asking at many shops and I get a look of "are you from outer space". Never heard of such a thing. I really want to try it.
That basket block is adorable I really need to make that. :)
Thanks for sharing.

Heartsdesire said...

Lovely border fabric on your sweet little basket quilt. I'm a bit slow with mine, but will start pulling fabric for it tomorrow. Won't take long if I make the small one.

Julierose said...

I am very envious of those ladies who got to take a workshop with you; do you ever travel to CT, MA RI or VT--(all within my driving distance :-))?? At any rate, Kathleen, I just love that orange peel block--Julierose

Merilyn said...

Looks like a great class Kathy!

Sharon said...

Wish I lived closer to take your classes. You are not exactly within driving distance!

Anonymous said...

Kathy, that technique looks great! I wish I could take your class!I notice that in Remembering Adelia you use the traditional needle turn method-can you explain the mylar and starch technique??
Thanks, Cathryn in Corvallis from your Smallquilttalk coup:-)


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