Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My February Finish

I was not going to make any little quilts myself for this month's challenge but those prints were calling out to be used and well, the blocks were already finished so I really didn't have that much to do to pull it all together. My friend Julia offered to do the bindings so I said YES! Now they are done and I can move on to the new quilt for March and try to motivate all of you to get another one completed.

Love the way this one turned out!

This one, not so much . . . Maybe I should have used an inner border or a darker binding. It's just not right somehow. Kind of blah. Maybe the ugly prints aren't ugly enough!

I like the one with the blue border much better than I like the one with the purple border.

But the blocks sure do shine nicely! Didn't expect that.

I gave the blue one to Julia since she's having a stressful time right now getting ready to sell her house. And then move far away from me this summer! Most of her sewing/quilting stuff is packed away and I think she's going through withdrawal. So I let her do the bindings for me because I knew she was itching to get her hands on a needle and her reward was the blue one.

*   *   *

March 1 will be here in a flash and I will help you get started on the quilt for THAT month. I'm getting excited just thinking about it and if you do not wish to make the quilt the way it is in the  book (Remembering Adelia this time), well, I already have a cool little version in mind for you that will be easy as pie . . . I can't wait to show it to you on Thurs. I'll bet I can get Julia to do that binding too.


Jean said...

I really like how you just have some broken dishes - not the whole quilt. What a good idea!

Betsy said...

They both look great to me.

Béa said...

I love them both, can't wait for the next challenge.Hugs from France

Sharon said...

The blue one is so pretty, but, to me, the purple one actually looks more "antique". There was a different color sense back then, I think.

How sweet to give Julia the blue quilt! I'll bet that little bit of stitching brought her blood pressure right down!

Jill said...

I think both are great.

Hugs Jill

Anonymous said...

Yes, my blood pressure lowered while sewing the bindings on those charming, beautiful quilts that Kathy designed and put together. She was way too generous to give one to me. I am honored. Can't wait to "open" my sewing room again in the new place. Sewing every day can really keep a person sane...don't you think?

natalie jo said...

While they are both delightful I definitely prefer the purple one! Rather than "blah" I find it most comforting in a much loved fashion. If one were ever to have a large version of it I imagine the sweetest of dreams would be had under it! No matter which stikes a fancy, however, I'm always inspired by your color combinations...thanks ever so much for sharing your creative talents!

natalie jo

Just Ramblin' said...

Both of your quilts turned out great.I love these smaller quilts. I think I am going to have to find your book and try one. Nola

Merilyn said...

Both quilts are lovely, but the darker blue border does provide a distinctive frame for the quilt! I'm sure Julia will treasure that little quilt!!!!


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