Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Make It Your Way

When I start out to design a quilt for a book I usually have an idea in my head but it often changes and evolves as I make the quilt. Nope, not those fabrics, try these, add more blocks -- or how about this instead of this for a border? Don't know exactly where it's going until I finish. I love to see other quilters' interpretations of my quilts and wonder if they work from my designs the same way--nope, too much blue, let's use red and brown instead.

Quite often I get e-mails from fans who want to know the name of the EXACT fabric I used in a particular quilt. They want to copy it to a T and I usually have to disappoint them by telling them that by the time a quilt appears in a book, the fabric is sometimes 2 or more years old and difficult to find. Lines change often and a fabric that's in a shop one day is usually gone the next time you blink.

The most requested fabric?

No contest, that wavy blue stripe designed by Judie Rothermel for her Regency collection that appears in the Orange Peel quilt on the cover of Remembering Adelia. Hundreds, no thousands, of e-mails asking about that fabric. Ok, just kidding, I'm exaggerating - not quite that many. But after the book came out last year, e-mails almost every day for sure. This fabric is not available anywhere now because I made the quilt in 2008. Trust me, I've looked. (Hoarder that I am, I still have a little bit left over to use in a small version I will make someday. If I'd known it would be this popular, I would have bought several bolts just for all of you.) That blue and black leaf print (also by Judie) is popular too. I have even less of that one and I still love to use it here and there in small quilts.

The good news is that the Orange Peel quilt looks great made with other fabrics too! I really love to see what other quilters come up with and always encourage them to e-mail me with their own versions of my simple designs. Apparently not everyone loves blue, I'm discovering. Nice that I can still make my quilts with blue and you can make yours any way you want.

Here are some photos Mary took of her group's projects  at  JoJo's Quilt Shop in Chesterfield, Virginia recently. They made a whole series of quilts from Remembering Adelia. Same as mine, but definitely different.

Some like warmer colors, some prefer pastels. Gotta love those pinks and browns! All very different, but all so lovely! Great job, ladies. Thanks, Mary!


Barb said...

Such lovely little quilts. I especially love the 9-patch with the blacks.
I just joined in a blogger 9-patch exchange, may have to make them up with beautiful mourning fabrics.

Kathleen Tracy said...

That little quilt is the first pattern in the American Schoolgirl Club I'm currently running. Love the contrast between the black and the shirtings.

Susan said...

I am one of the thousands who have been searching for the blue and cream wave fabric that was used for the Orange Peel quilt. Unbelievably I found it yesterday. In another country. And you would not believe the price. BIG bucks. Am I going to buy it? I may do it. But I will never be able admit how much I paid. ;-)

Heather said...

Yes, the blue and black fabric is definitely one I covet! I have also seen it in red with black and green with black, but only ever owned the green. I can't find it anywhere either, so here's to crossed fingers and toes that somewhere there's a fat quarter hiding in a shop just for me!

ann hermes said...

Same for me...rarely does a quilt turn out the way I originally planned it.

llo said...

I am lucky that Judi Rothermel has a booth at a quilt show I attend every year. My first stop is at her booth. I have many of the fabrics you use but not always the needed amounts. I have fun selecting alternative fabrics. It takes me longer to choose the fabric than to make the quilt. Thanks for all of your inspiration, Kathy!!

quilting Jeannet said...

It is so true what you said Tracy! for me it is the fun to make your patterns whit my own fabrics, and not a exactly a copy from yours. Your new pattern from the club I made totaly different than your whit the colors, but even so cute!When it is finished I will send you a photo. I likt the dollclub very much ! Thank yoy for it.

Warm greetings, jeannet

Lori said...

How fun to see your quilts made up in different fabrics. They are all beautiful!!