Sunday, June 6, 2010

What a Girl Wants

A cupboard full of antique quilts?

A new ipod because her son's ipod broke and--what a good mom--she gave him hers? (Actually I sold it to him to teach him a lesson--ipods don't grow on trees, LOL.)

A few more puppies?

What does a girl want? This girl just wants to feel better and is tired of attending physical therapy to help relieve her pain from herniated discs. Helping take care of her is mostly what keeps me from having  a lot of free time to sew lately. Poor baby. Keep a good thought. . . She just wants to feel better and be able to do things without her back hurting.

She'd take a few more puppies in a minute though . . . Amazing how puppies can always make you feel better.

What does a girl want? This little puppy girl just wants to play ALL the TIME and have mommy's undivided attention!

A playful run in the backyard every five minutes or so . . .

What does a girl want? This old girl in particular just wants more time to sew and play around with fabric and blocks and finish some more doll quilts just for fun.

Plus more time to work on her Dear Jane blocks.

I've been feeling a little under the weather lately. Nothing serious, just a bug. What else does a girl want? A little time to get away for a few days would be nice. Nothing fancy, just someplace remote, near a beach perhaps. (A husband who is able to take time off from work is part of this deal.)


What else does a girl want? More Barbies of course! This one should be arriving in the mail soon . . .

Speaking of the mail, I apologize for the delay in sending out the first Doll Quilt Club  pattern to those of you who are patiently waiting. Last week was horrendously busy with family things and Dr and Vet appointments and I just wasn't feeling great so I slowed down a bit. I created a little something extra for the club which had to be printed up as well. But you'll be happy to know that, as of this afternoon, all the mailing labels are done and the envelopes stuffed. I'll be up early tomorrow to take them to the Post Office (keep a good thought again) and then you'll have them in hand this week. So no, I did not leave town and abscond with your money--they're almost on their way. Those of you who ordered patterns and books as well as the club--thanks for waiting. I am sending those items in the same package. International orders will have to wait a little bit longer but still--better late than never. 


Katell said...

I know I will have to wait for the Post a bit longer but I'm sure it is worth it !
Just hoping you take care of you Kathy...

Karen said...

My heart goes out to you and your daughter. I hope the physical therapy is helping her. I saw the terrible pain my husband was in two years ago and it saddens me so. His surgery was so successful, that you'd never know now that he even went through all of that pain and suffering. She seems so happy with her puppies. It's amazing how animals can help us feel better.
Your blocks are adorable. I love the fabrics. The little nine patch quilt is so cute too.
I hope you start feeling better this week, so you can get back to your sewing.
Take care and God Bless you both.

Kathie said...

hope your daughter feels better soon, and you too!
hmmm I have a list of what a girl wants too!!!!
new week so hopefully a few of those things will come true

Tracy said...

Your quilts never fail to inspire me! And your puppies are dang cute too!

Al O said...

Thanks, Kathy, for all you do to inspire us.
As they say, good things come in small packages.
Linda O.


I love those puppies--but I bet they are some work in themselves!!! sorry your daughter is having so much back pain--that is not a fun area to have pain in---I know!!!

I am soo excited---I just finished the latest challenge--Irish chain doll quilt and posted it on my site--it was soooo much fun to do--and I love the way it came out--can't wait to make another one---but I do have lots and lots to do while I wait!!!!!
Take care of you and daughter and pups--
Hugs to all--Di

Deb said...

Another Barbie collector - how cool. I'm waiting for one in the mail too!

Love those puppies, but so sorry that your daughter's back feels so bad. That kind of pain has to be the worst.

And I hope that you can get some quilting in at some point!

Susan said...

I do hope your daughter is much better soon. I too have chronic back pain and understand how frustrating it is not to be able to do the things you are accustomed to doing.

Your pattern arrived yesterday. What a wonderful pick me up it was. We are selling our house and someone is looking at it this afternoon and we are having open house on Saturday and Sunday. Company coming to stay the first of the week and I am not sure I can wait that long to make my quilt. I am surely going to try to get upstairs and get a few stitches in.

Thank you for the wonderful design.


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