Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thrifting Expedition

I took some time for myself yesterday to just relax and browse through a few antique thrift shops. It's been a couple of months since I went over there and it's always fun to see what's new. I had nothing particular in mind I wanted to buy, but I always look for quilts, of course. One time my friend Julia got a really good deal on an antique quilt, so you never know.

I sort of loved this little blue doll cupboard. Didn't buy it. Wish I had more room to display it somewhere. It was kind of beat up and the last thing I need is another project to fix up. Also, too small to display quilts.

One store had a wall with quite a few samplers and I couldn't believe the dates on them until--duh--I realized they were reproductions. Cute, even if they weren't authentic. I made a few cross-stitch samplers myself before I got into quilting.

Dishes or cups? Nooooo thank you; my husband would kill me if I brought home any more, but they were so pretty I took a second look and had to take a picture at least.

I saw this doll quilt under an old doll in a buggy and the shop owner tried to convince me it was from the '20s but I know it was probably made much later--1940s? Just a guess--I'm NOT a quilt historian and I know very little about fabric dating. I walked away but for some reason kept coming back to it until I finally said OKAY quilt, you win. Wrap it up.

I hardly ever see antique doll quilts and usually can't afford the price if I do but this one was cheap and if I don't exactly love it--I do like it a lot. Especially the scrappy patches. The bright colors remind me of Spring. Looks good with my doll cradle even if it's not quite primitive enough.


I bought this old T quilt a couple of months ago (T for Tracy, yay!). Don't they almost remind you of little kimonos? Love it.



So now I have 2 antique doll quilts in my "meager" collection. Who knows what I'll find the next time?

*  *  *

Coming later this week: I'll be at the International Quilt Festival in Chicago (Rosemont) on Friday, skulking about with my camera, won't that be fun? They're moving to Cincinnati next year so this is the last time the Fest will be in my backyard, so to speak.


Beth said...

Cute doll quilts. Hey a collection has to start somewhere so you are on your way.
I'll be at the quilt show too on Friday. Stop by booth 1144 and say hi. The shop I work in is contemporary, but you might enjoy seeing it. We would enjoy saying hi to you.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I suspect a collection of doll quilts may have begun - but what fun! and what a great thrifting time you had (I would have had a hard time resisting the crockery).

Heidi said...

Antique shopping is fun but things are not as cheap as they used to be. I think all the focus about antiques on TV has made people realize what they have. Do you ever look for quilts at yard or garage sales? We don't have them in Europe but I see so many bloggers have great finds from them. Your little quilt looks sweet in your cradle.

Hugs from Holland ~

be*mused jan said...

I looked for your email address here and couldn't find it so I'll leave a comment. It was wonderful to meet you yesterday. Thank you for being so was a highlight of my day! If we cross paths again, I hope it's when you have some of your beautiful little quilts with you, I'd love to see them *up close*. I wonder if you slept as well as I did last night? That was a long day at the show! ;-)


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