Monday, November 30, 2009

An Abundance of Doll Quilts

I've always known that I had an abundance of fabric, no secret. But quilts? I've never really felt I had made very many since I haven't been quilting for very long. I look at what some quilters have accomplished and the number of quilts made and I'm amazed. When I lecture to quilt guilds, I bring many of my little quilts with me for show & tell. As I was packing them into suitcases for a couple of lectures last month, I realized I needed TWO suitcases to hold them all, so I scaled back and packed only enough to fill one suitcase. Then it hit me--exactly how many darn little quilts have I made in the last few years?? I never actually counted.

There are patterns for 32 little quilts in my three published books (plus 8 that are almost finished for the new book--40). If you count the copies of some of these quilts I've made for trunk shows over the years, that brings it up to about 60.

Then there are the quilts I've made just for fun or for friends--at least 10--plus small quilts for the challenges on my yahoo group (SmallQuiltTalk) and for a couple of magazines or published in places outside of my books.

I also can't forget the little quilts I made before I began designing patterns (although sometimes I'd like to, LOL. Don't look too closely)--there are about 15 of those. Grand total? I've made over 90!!  Wow, that's a lot of doll quilts. I can hardly believe it's that many. Except for a few, they're all hand quilted, too.

Counting them made me feel better--sometimes I really don't feel as prolific as I'd like about cranking out new patterns. I'm always getting asked what's next, what's next? I'd love to put up a few new patterns every month on my website but, ahhh, life gets in the way. I have TONS of ideas, just not enough time or hands to get them all done.

So I guess I have been a "little" busy. Doll quilts count just as much as large quilts, right? In the years since I first began making them, quilters have become crazy for doll quilts and it seems like everybody has one or two or three in the works these days. How many little quilts are YOU making now? Don't worry, it's not a contest. I'm just wondering if others out there are as addicted as I am. Count 'em and you'll see. You just might surprise yourself.


Anonymous said...

I am so inspired by your doll quilts Kathleen, I have two of your books and they are wonderful! Your inspiration is showing me how to use a variety of different fabrics in simple timeless designs to create beautiful small quilts! Thank you, Ann ~ Australia.

Jocelyn said...

I just love the pictures of all of you quilts. They are so inspiring.

Renate Bischoff said...

WOW 90 Dollquilts!!!! Great!!!!!!!!!
And yes, of course dollquilts count as much as large quilts.
I'll count mine next time, I also made many little christmas quilts. I hope they count too. :-)))

Kathleen Tracy said...

You're all too kind. I just can't believe that's how many little quilts I've made. Now I know where my time goes!

Julie-Ann said...

I am starting my first doll quilt this weekend for my 3 year old great niece, Shannon. I'm using one of your quilts as an example. Shannon and I will pick out all of the material from my scraps. We are both excited!

Kathleen Tracy said...

Good for you, Julie-Ann. Watch out or you'll become addicted!

libbyquilter said...

so fun to see your little quilts in BIG stacks~!!~good for you.
i'v just posted two of my most recently finished doll quilts on my blog. the last few that i've worked on have been made from vintage and antique blocks/pieces and have been loads of fun. feel free to take a look if you are interested.
i'm always so pleased with myself when i get one done but have never stopped to count them. not even sure that it's possible at this point as i've quilted for so many years and given or donated a lot out . . . sure makes me wonder though~!!~