Friday, July 31, 2009

A Pug Came to Visit

My sister-in-law Judy is the ultimate animal lover--3 dogs, a horse, a cat, and assorted small "wild" animals in her backyard. My daughter takes after her and has started volunteering at a local animal shelter. Recently, Judy was asked to "babysit" a pug puppy for a week and gave us the treat of a play date with our 2 puppies. Wilbur is the sweetest little dog--look at that face!

Ophelia (Lia), our maltipoo pup, was excited to meet a dog her own size:

Everybody played for hours.

But I'd think I'd better watch my Caitie or we'll end up with 3 dogs ourselves!


Ingrid said...

Great pictures, Kathy. From one of the pics it looks like Lia is working on her downward facing dog yoga pose too.

Kathleen Tracy said...

Yeah, don't you wish WE were as limber as puppies?

Bonnie said...

Cute dogs. I am such a sucker for a dog! You've got two really cute ones.


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