Monday, December 3, 2012

Making Red and Green Stuff in December

In December, I often get the urge to make gifts and other things for Christmas, how about you? December is always so busy for me (and for everyone else too, duh). But I hardly ever think about doing it in July and if I do it usually passes. Fall is always typically busy too, until after Thanksgiving, so the only time I really like to focus on Christmas gifts is in December. That probably sounds like I'm cutting it short and I usually am. I've never been an early shopper. I start my Christmas shopping whenever it snows. But then I go shopping and can't decide what to get and so I think "Hmmm, maybe I should just MAKE something," LOL.
If you feel like making things in December too, have I got some ideas for you.  This is the LAST month for our  Small Quilt challenge that we started in January.  I chose  the Turkey Tracks quilt from my book Remembering Adelia (on page 69). To make this month's challenge, follow the pattern in the  book. Of course you may make it in colors other than red and green. (But the red and green is too cute, isn't it? That's why I picked it for this holiday month.)

This quilt would make a really cute gift for a friend. If you don't have the time, why not just buy her the book so she can make it herself, LOL?

Last week, before December actually arrived, I played around with making some quilty ornaments and came up with a few small "redwork" ones. They turned out so cute I decided to create a pattern and I just finished having them printed up this weekend.
How sweet and scrappy are these?? The pattern booklet to make them is now available for sale on my website and is similar to the Schoolgirl Club pattern booklets (4 pages plus a design insert). The pattern also includes antique graphics and some historical info on redwork traditions. 
I timed myself when I was making these and the actual stitching took about 20 minutes and then another 30 minutes or less to put it all together. There's still time! So, if you have a hankering for making some cute red and green stuff, you're in good company. I'll be doing some stitching in the evenings and making a few more of these to give away.
I'm notorious for making useless handmade gifts for people. Cute things, sure, but what exactly are they for?? Watch, someone in my family will get one of these ornaments and then look at me and say . . . "Uh, what is it? Oh, like, to put on the tree??" Well, I think they're sweet. And like it or not, some of them will be getting one of these.


  1. Your quilt for this month is just perfect. THank you once again and thank you for taking the time to inspire us each month with these wonderful quilts.

    I love the patterns for the ornaments and I'm heading to your store right now.

    Wishing you and your family a blessed and Merry Christmas!


  2. Those "redwork" ornaments are adorable!

  3. Those ornaments are so cute, your family is lucky to be receiving them. The quilt you choose for December is perfect. I think I could make this up in no time. A very cute little table topper.

  4. Those ornaments are so cute. Love your red and green small quilt.

  5. Love the ornaments, I'll check them out. I know I just make things I like, give them to people, what they do with them is up to them. Merry Christmas

  6. Kathy, I love your red work ornaments. I think they would be cute put together into something also. Maybe a little table runner. Or even into a little Christmas quilt. Thanks!!

  7. I love your ornaments - so cute, but yet simple. And your red and green quilt is one of my (many) favorites.

  8. ornaments are delightful. I have some family members who would have that same reaction if they opened one. Christmas cheer!

  9. I think they would be cute put together into something also.

  10. The redwork is adorable. I do the same thing as you, start thinking about making gifts in Dec, I usually can get a couple done.

  11. These are just so cute! LOVE redwork!


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