Friday, December 7, 2012

I'm Still Making Things for Christmas

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Thanks for all of your recent orders! I'm so happy so many of you liked the little embroidered ornament pattern I designed and I hope they have arrived by now.
I'm still making things for Christmas. Yes, I got the handmade bug. Bad. Here's what I made yesterday. A Christmas present for YOU.

Click here for the free pattern.

If you have a quilter friend or need a Secret Santa gift for someone in your guild, wouldn't this sweet little Christmas present pincushion make a cute gift?

Almost sweet enough to eat.      

I have a few more things I want to make. And then it'll be time to buckle down and start on the cookies . . . .


  1. This is darling! Thank you for sharing! :)

  2. Your Christmas Present Pincushion is adorable - many thanks for sharing.

  3. Ohhhh, don't feel bad...
    I haven't even started yet!
    Take care, Leslie

  4. The pincushion is very cute! I might need to get busy on a few of those.

  5. Adorable! Thanks for sharing the pattern. What is good to use for pincushion stuffing?

  6. thank you, it will be a wonderful gift!

  7. Thanks for sharing the pincushion pattern. It's absolutely perfect for a gift exchange with my quilting friends. I made it today (very quick!!) in Jo Morton fabrics for a country look. I did discover that there's an oopsie in the directions. The skinny strip should be 19" not 16" (4.5 x 2 + 5 x 2 + 19)

  8. Just noticed that I had an oopsie in my comment of correction using another plus sign instead of an equal sign. This getting old stinks. LOL


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