Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall Colors

It's still fall here and I'm loving' the colors.
Winter will be here before you know it.
The neighbors' glorious tree.
My fading hydrangea. Can you believe the colors?  Prettier now than in summer.
I'm still making Maple Leaves, with a little added blue this time. Free pattern for the block  here. Wonder what I'll make . . .
It's a little wet outside today. Perfect day to stay inside, make some tea and "cocoon" with a puppy on my lap. And this "comfort" afghan my mom made for me years and years ago.


  1. Gorgeous maple leaves--such vibrancy!

  2. What beautiful trees and blocks! Puppy is so cute and looks ready for a good 'cuddle'! Thanks for sharing and for the link!

  3. Beautiful pictures of your neighborhood. Ummm, love your maple leaves in the brights you are using!

  4. Love the pics of the trees and all those maple leaves...your blocks look fantastic on that chair among the leaves!

  5. The leaves on the chair with your leaf blocks are just so perfect. Great little blocks.

  6. I love your leaf blocks with the rich red backgrounds - very nice!!

  7. Прекрасные фотографии! Блоки - осеннее настроение.

  8. Merveilleuses teintes automnales !!
    Marie Françoise
    (south of France)

  9. Beautiful photos ! J'adore,
    (Sud ouest FRANCE)

  10. Mother Nature was nice to us this season - the trees are all just beautiful. Love your block, but mostly love your little helper!

  11. Great photos Kathy, most of the leaves are on the ground here, winter is on its way. Adorable puppy too and I bet he or she is a good helper too!


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