Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sewing & Quilting Expo

I've been pretty lazy about blogging lately. Nothing much to write about. My daughter is home for Spring Break this week and we've been spending a little time together. We shopped a little, she bought a long peasant dress (they're in style again! Can you believe it?) and then spent time making herself some jewelry to go with it for Spring.

I gave her a turquoise star ring I've had since I was her age (wore it with my long peasant dresses, of course). If I can't get her to quilt, at least she likes turquoise. That's something we can share . . .

I tried to get her to go to the Sewing & Quilting Expo near Chicago with me today. Not a chance. So I went alone and mostly just browsed for a few hours.

Ever since the International Quilt Festival moved from Chicago to Cincinnati last year I've really missed going to a big Spring show. This one was very small in comparison but it was better than nothing. There were a few vendors I was happy to see and there's always something to buy. I hope there will eventually be more quilting booths, especially ones with reproduction fabrics.

More sewing than quilting booths -

But still, quite a variety -

Oh yeah, a little something for every BODY . . . Meet Susan the Bra Lady. She does Tupperware parties for bras. See how she can help you look 10 lbs thinner. I was intrigued and took her card. I was NOT going to try on a bra behind a curtain at a quilting show. Puh-leeze!

A few of my favorite booths would NOT let me take photos. Oh well, these will have to do. Stencil heaven below -

Here's what I brought home with me -

Just a few fat quarters. I didn't really see too much reproduction fabric I absolutely had to have.

More packages of precuts, yay! (You know what a lazy girl I am.) The ruler is for my Dear Jane blocks. I made a few more blocks by hand last week. I've been using the ruler with yellow lines and it really makes my eyes crazy. I think this one will work much better for tracing the patterns onto the fabric when I hand piece. Also, Jeana Kimball's quilting and applique needles.

A couple of new stencils.

This fabric probably shocks you, huh? But I'm a sucker for puppy prints and I had to have it. I've got something special planned but you'll have to wait until April 5 to see what it is. I'm not saying any more. Just be sure to come back in April.


  1. My quilting buddies and I attended the Expo in Lakeland a few weeks ago. One of my gals even procured from the bra lady ;-) I was able to attend the Int'l Quilt Festival one year in Chicago when my daughter worked there. It was awesome. I was SO surprised when they moved it. It seems that Chicago would be a great location for a major Quilt show, although the parking was a bit of an issue!!

  2. Love that you got Judy's quilt shop in the first photo. I'll be there the next two days at the Quilts of Valor booth. Not sure we will get time to check out the rest of the show or not.

  3. Chicago IS a great location but also very expensive as far as lodging, meals, parking, taxes, etc. and I heard that was the main reason for their moving to Cincinnati. I miss it a lot.

  4. I've seen hair accessories at a quilt show, but not BODY accessories!! I don't think I would have gone behind the curtain either! Thanks for sharing all your fun and some of your finds!

  5. Kathy, great seeing you at the Expo! I thought the same thing about the bra lady. Behind the curtain? NO WAY. I miss the big show too, but this one was fun and I found lots to bring home with me.
    Happy stitching

  6. My husband and I have gone to the Sewing & Quilt Expo when it was in Cleveland on two different occasions. Last year we went and I was SO DISAPPOINTED with the fact that only ONE BOOTH had Civil War repros, and one other booth had 1930's repros. I had an empty credit card and no place to spend it! Eventually I found a booth for one of the longarmers that was selling some repro fabrics in kits, and got a couple. And of course I spent more than my fair share at the Creative Grids booth - since my life won't be complete until I have EVERY SINGLE one of their rulers! (he he) There was a guy selling chair cushions there - so that was our odd-ball purchase (we ended up with 4 of them)

  7. Well, I just bought your American Doll Quilts from Amazon and have contacted the Bra Ladies as mentioned in this post. I can't believe the one closest to me is over an hour away but hey, for comfort, I will drive that far!

  8. It's still a nice day out even if the show didn't have all your favourite things, I mean you found out about Bra Ladies LOL! Who would have thought!!!!! I love your turquoise star ring, it's a beauty and so 'today' again! Oh! how I remember that peasant look LOL!

  9. By the time I had completed my rounds at the Sewing & Quilt Expo in Atlanta, I was of the mind that if I never saw another batik fabric it would be OK with me! I really went only to see Lisa B's booth and to check out rulers and thread! I didn't see the bra lady though; perhaps my eyes were glazed over from the batiks everywhere!!

  10. I had a great time at the Expo this year (I went on Thursday as well). I think it was so much better than last year when they had maybe three quilting booths. I LOVED that Primitive Gatherings was there! My very favorite store of all, and I did a LOT of damage there!

    I went to the Int'l Quilt show every year that it was held in Rosemont, and I really miss it. I understand their problems with the Donald Stephens Center, but why not try Milwaukee then? Or there must be other venues closer to Chicago? Cincinnati is just too far away.

    Looking forward to the Madison Quilt Show in September!

  11. Julie, every year I say I an going to Madison but it's usually the same time we drive one of my kids back to college. Maybe this year will work out because my good friend is moving there this summer.

  12. Hi Kathleen, Can you share with me the source of the Baptist Fan (or Bishop's Fan) quilting stencil? I've looked on-line and have seen sources for borders, but not the one like yours. I can always draft my own, but you know, I'm basically lazy. :D Thanks!

  13. my only child daughter doesn't sew either, so i feel your pain...

  14. Jan, the stencils are from the JD Stencil cpmpany -

  15. I just bought that same puppy print and made a little quilt for my dog. She loves it, of course i had to buy cat prints to make one for the cat.


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