Sunday, August 21, 2011

More Shopping

I can't believe how much shopping I've done this summer. Trips to IKEA are always fun and a great way to save money when both of your kids have new places to live but don't exactly have jobs yet.

What a deal!

My son just got an apartment and needed a few things to make it liveable. He's working on the job thing - meanwhile, he's going back to school.

This - or THIS?  Always best to bring the girlfriend along to make sure you get the right things.

My daughter will be going off to her school soon and you know how boring those dorm rooms can be if you don't spruce them up a bit.

What a decision! Black, silver or purple? Not sure how functional it is, but  pretty cool nonetheless and sure to be a big hit on campus. 

Everybody needs some bright-colored fake flowers when they go off to college, am I right?? (My fault - she watched way too much HGTV as a child, I'm afraid.)

He makes friends easily wherever he goes . . .

All I can say is, thank goodness we went to IKEA and not Pottery Barn. My daughter and I have a few more shopping trips to go before she's ready to go off to school, her new life. Let's see:  X-Long sheets, towels, shower caddy, mini-frig, and . . . oh yeah, a QUILT, in case I don't finish the one I'm supposed to be making for her . . . 

I'll have all the rows sewn together by tomorrow. I promise.

This empty nest thing  - it's very emotional if I take the time to sit and think about it. Better to keep busy. It occurred to me that maybe I'm dragging my feet on this quilt because subconsciously I'm thinking, if I don't make the quilt . . . perhaps she won't leave??? You know what my husband would say to that -  "Honey, I think you think too much." What does HE know. I'm missing them already . . .


  1. You have my sympathy. I certainly remember those empty nest days. Isaah came home every weekend his freshman year and I still cried every time he went back. The second year was better...I only cried after a longer visit like Thanksgiving and Christmas break. Good luck! I'll be thinking of you.

  2. I'm going through the same thing. My youngest is in his second year of college, although he is commuting from home for now. Still it's just all so different.

  3. it's gets easier, believe me Kathy!! before you know it you'll be revelling and enjoying lots of 'me' time..which we mums deserve LOL!!

  4. Mmmm not looking forward to the empty nest. Pretty quilt, I like the pink

  5. Funny, it does not matter in which country you live but trips to Ikea when you leave home is a must.

  6. Love the quilt....and maybe they will be like mine and come back home after 7 years...!!

  7. Having fun but sad as well. Little baby birds flying from the nest.

  8. think ahead to all the fun things you've got planned... as in your nifty retreat! and I'm sure it is time to get a new book percolating in your head! And, cooking becomes less, hum, involving... at least it did for me. No scheduling 3 meal times. And when I wanted to cook something more complex I had the time to do it... no picking kids up from football or madrigals or whatever... of course, it is sad we can't visit as much as we used to.. sigh.


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