Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Storm I've Been Waiting For

I've been getting very jealous of  those living on the East Coast and the snowstorms they've had in the last few weeks. We had no snow to speak of and it seemed like Chicago had been out of the loop in that department for awhile. Last night the winds were so strong I was afraid the trees were going to be blown down upon the house.

I was sure the winds would bring the power lines down too.

Visibility was next to zero.

My big fear was that the power would go out and we'd freeze. Or worse, I wouldn't be able to access my  e-mail or cable TV . . .  According to the local news, 80,000 were without power in the city. I kept worriedly looking at my husband, saying, "Where will we go, where will we go?? It's 12 degrees. There are no warming centers in the suburbs!!" LOL.

Okay, okay, I admit I'm a little bit of a Chicken Little alarmist at times. The sky did not fall, the roof did not collapse, the winds finally died down and we woke up in the morning to a Winter Wonderland outside the door.

I put on my snow boots (the big furry ones I bought last year that you all laughed at) and braved the back yard. Without a  sherpa.

My sneaky husband thought this was funny and worthy of a few photos- me going out to fill the bird feeders in my jammies and sweats early this morning.

The view from my back door. Nowhere for the dogs to go out . . .

Haha, who's laughing now . . .

Okay, I've had enough - let me in!

I knew I should have cleaned out the garage so I'd have somewhere to park this winter . . . Can't even get to the car . . .

This is not so bad. If my front walk and driveway ever gets shoveled I might venture out and take a little walk with my camera later . . .


  1. All I can say is WOW!!! My daughter lived in Chicago for 4 years. I am so glad she is back home.

  2. My goodness... you got a TON of snow! Love all the photos, including the ones of you taking care of the bird cafeteria!

    Stay warm and safe!

  3. You take better pictures then I do. I'm 20 miles SW of Joliet. I haven't seen anything like this in years. I'm glad your enjoying it. I haven't been able to get out the front door. Connie204

  4. You are welcome to spend some time at my house, I live in Maine and we have been averaging 1-2 storms each week for most of January. The storms have been mostly during the middle of the week so you should consider flying in on Sunday or Monday, LOL. I have a woodstove and generator so we can sew with no worries about power outages. Come on down!

    As a matter of fact I just purchased your newest book and am anxious start one of the quilts! Love the Civil War and I am acquiring quite a stash that would be great for some of your smaller projects, very nice book!

  5. Love your new book have looked and set and wonder when I'll ever get anything done and then all the snow came yesterday so have been sewing take a break sew break sew and on and on have a grate day sewing

  6. we had it easy this time in the Philadephia area, just a sheet of ice on everything this morning and a 2 hour delay for school and work. I made my sons walk me to the car so I wouldn't slip (I sign of getting old). Temps are up and everything is melting now.

  7. Wishes DO come true, so always be careful on how you use them.

    Glad to hear that you are safe and have power and essentials like the internet and TV. ;oD

  8. WOW be careful what you wish for lol! it certainly looks like a gorgeous winter wonderland, Kathy! love the pics of you too lol!!
    btw cyclone Yasi has caused great devastation to our northern neighbours..still ongoing!
    we're fortunate down south however, there's a raging bushfire creating havoc & heartbreak in the far eastern part of Victoria...such unreal extremes!

  9. Aren't husbands special?? Cute photos, they remind me of our years in the Eastern Sierra Mountains 8000 ft. elev. The snow used to reach our roof top of second story on a good winter. Got your book in the mail last week and love it...Wish I could start one of the lovely quilts now but I am trying to stay on task..Stay warm!

  10. to me as long as the power stays on it's fun to get snowed in for a few days-you can sew, live in your jammies and not worry about someone dropping in unexpectantly!

  11. hihihi quite agree with Diane! Enjoy making those stitches and maybe you get inspired by all that snow and may a little snowman quilt, just a tiny one hihi!! Or a tiny snowball quilt hihi!! Enjoy!! hugs, Daniëlle

  12. After weeks of snow you will not be so happy anymore LOL... I am so glad the snow is gone here in the Netherlands!!
    But it looks great!
    hugs, jolanda

  13. I heard about the storms in America..I couldn't believe that 30 states were involved.

  14. You are such a good samaritan to tromp out to the bird feeders in the snow to take care of your feathered friends.

  15. Yes I AM! I always try to keep the feeders filled and even distributed some stale nuts (left over from Christmas) to the squirrels today too . . . along with some dried cranberries that no one here wanted anymore.

  16. Your house looks a lot like mine ....Snow up to the hood of my car. Couldn't get out my door cause of the snow drifts. AND my cable and internet went out. :(

  17. Wow, I have never experienced a white winter, but seeing your photos, give me a better understanding of how pretty it is, but annoying - shovelling is not my favorite job! Hope the power stays on so you can keep warm and sewing, happy quilting Sue SA.

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  19. Yep, it's safe to say, your house looks like ours did a week ago! Between your pre-shovelling and then post-shovelling photos I think I could just photoshop myself in there somewhere an no one would know it wasn't here in Alberta! There is a drift in our backyard covering the gardens... There was a shovel left standing upright in one of the beds before this last storm came, afterwards all we could see was the top of the handle! Stay warm and happy stitching!


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