Thursday, November 17, 2016

Prairie Style

Last weekend we took a tour of the Frank Lloyd Wright House and Studio in Oak Park, Illinois. Oak Park is home to the largest collection of the architect's buildings and structures built between 1889 and 1913. This building was the home of the Wright family from 1889 to 1909 and was where Wright developed his prairie style of architecture.

Photo of Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio

I had read the book Loving Frank a few years ago - a fictionalization of the life of Mamah Cheney, best known as the woman who wrecked Frank Lloyd Wright's first marriage. While I did not have a great impression of this man after reading the book (creative genius - perhaps, but his private life was sure a mess), it was interesting to learn more about the creative process that drove him, see his designs up close and learn about the development of his prairie style of architecture. 

Wright hated too much "floating" furniture and so designed the house with clean lines and many built ins.

Window in bathroom designed to afford light but also privacy as well.

This bathroom was the only one in the house and was considered a luxury at the time.

The nursery, which doubled as Wright's wife Catherine's sewing room.

An easy chair set into a little nook so she could sit and sew while the children napped or played

EVERYTHING was superbly designed, even the floor grates

The Drafting studio

Wright's office.

200-year-old gingko tree.

Walked past some really pretty homes in the area.

We learned an awful lot about design and saw how nature influenced so much of Wright's work. I highly recommend this tour if you're ever visiting the Chicago area and like learning about and wandering through old houses. 

A good day. Capped off the tour with a nice lunch at a local restaurant.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Fall and Quilts

While the rest of Chicago was downtown at the rally for the Chicago Cubs (Go Cubs!), I ventured over to the Chicago Botanic Garden for their annual Fine Art of Fiber quilt show. A much smaller crowd.

The quilts are by and large much more modern than the ones I make but it's always so much fun to see all the color and creativity.

Men looking at their phones instead of the quilts . . .

It's a great place for a quilt show. So much natural light.

It turned out to be a beautiful day. Two of my favorite thingswalking around outside in my favorite season and looking at some lovely quilts. What a treat. Have a great weekend!