Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!


Were you good and did you get everything you wished for from Santa?

My daughter gave me this cool vintage-looking necklace with a little sewing machine, scissors and button charms.  

I also got  that critically acclaimed Stephen King book about the JFK assassination I've been wanting to read - 11/22/63.  Look what else - some Perfect Circles and those neat Karen Kay Buckley applique scissors too, 'cuz remember, I do applique now, LOL. And an LED flex-light to wrap around my neck so I can see exactly what I'm doing when I'm doing my applique. Lots of other cool gifts too.

The best gifts?  My kids were extremely thoughtful in their gift giving to us and each other and - get this - last night my son even cleaned up the kitchen after Christmas Eve dinner because I was so tired after cooking all day. What more could a mom ask for??

I love Christmas and feel blessed, being together with family. I hope you all are having a wonderful, special day too.


  1. I love the necklace. The applique circles are the best thing out. What a treasure your son is

  2. Your son must really value you! And your daughter too with such a lovely necklace!
    Christmas is such a wonderful time...

  3. What lovely little gifties! Yes those scissors are definitely on my list of 'to get' for 2012! Nice that you didn't have to do all that washing up after! Enjoy the Christmas holidays!!

  4. Looks like you were good this year to receive such gifts.
    Enjoy your time with your family.

  5. You received some great gifts, but our families are the best gift, aren't they? From your post I can tell that you believe that too.

  6. The best gift of all is family together. My girls did all the dishes and clean up after Christmas eve dinner last night. Today was quiet, happy, and fun.
    Sounds like yours was great too. Merry Christmas.

  7. It sure are good gifts! Especially the wrap aroud you neck light! Should figure out if they are for sale in The netherlands too. As you might know we have two xmas day's in europe. Yesterday it was family day and today we're having friends over for diner. If only i wasn't having such à bad cold. Love reading your blog and books!!

  8. Getting the kitchen cleaned must rank as one of the best Christmas gifts ever!

  9. HÁhÁ!!!!!!PRESENTES lindos e úteis não? Cozinha arrumada sempre bemvinda.Curta sua família seja mimada,peça cafuné,abraços muitos beijos FELIZ ANO TODO!!!!!!

  10. Absolutely love the vintage necklace. What a lucky girl you are.


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