Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Inspired By

I'm really inspired by Inspired by Antique Quilts today. Kathie has been talking about quilting small quilts on her blog lately and I love how hers have turned out. I am going to take the time to relax at the retreat this weekend as soon as I have everything ready and planned for those who are attending. I decided not to bring my sewing machine, just my needle and thread, and get some of my quilt tops hand quilted. Who am I kidding?? SOME of them? I'll be lucky if I get one finished; I am that slow. But that's the beauty of hand quilting - you HAVE to slow down. No rushing allowed. And boy, does it feel good.

I bought this antique doll quilt a little while ago and think the simple hand quilting adds something really special to the simple quilt. (The primitive little bed helps too, don't you agree??)

I almost didn't buy the quilt because it was so simple and plain. Unexceptional for the price. And then, as I  looked closely, I spotted one block in the corner that was different. The quilt is a simple four-patch design and the quilter used light shirtings in the background squares. Except for one. In ONE block she used pink for the background . . .  Just a little quirky and not noticeable at first. Did she run out of shirtings? Or did she insert a tiny bit of creative play into the quilt? Did she say: What the Heck, I'm doing this one in pink. It's probably the thing I love most about this doll quilt. I don't like perfect quilts and I sure don't make them.

So simple and unassuming. But clearly loved to death by some little girl I'll bet.

I was so inspired by this quilt that I made THIS quilt that's in The Civil War Sewing Circle.

Again, just a  simple four-patch design with mostly light shirtings for background.  Pink in the setting squares. All of the darker squares in the blocks align except in one block.  I turned ONE of the blocks in the right hand corner the other way deliberately. Did anyone notice? Many of you probably thought I just made a mistake, LOL. No, I tried to do the same thing as the maker of that little doll quilt did.

I had so much fun hand quilting this little quilt with an orange peel or pumpkin seed design as some call it. I think hand quilting really makes little quilts special, even if the quilting is rather simple and  not spectacular. Click on the link above to see how this one was done. Very easy.

Last year, when I was recovering from my surgery, I hand pieced a copy of the antique doll quilt using some of my favorite prints and shirtings. This morning I layered and pinned it to bring to the retreat this weekend to work on. I'll let you know how it goes. Wouldn't it be nice if I finished?


  1. Cute!!! I especially the four patch on point!!! I made a small Christmas quilt like and was wondering how to quilt it!!! Thanks for sharing.


  2. I love making doll quilts and hand stitching them.
    I machine stitch the pieces, but I think hand stitching lends to the antique look.


  3. Thanks! great post, isn't it true I love hand quilting cause it makes you slow down and it relaxes me !
    I bet you get at least one quilt quilted this weekend
    have fun!!!!
    so glad to see your getting out and feeling better

  4. The little mistakes, intentional or not, is what gives doll quilts their personality. Love them, you inspire me.

  5. A beautifully written post Kathleen, I love to hand quilt, it is for me relaxing and I think it adds a lovely home made charm to a quilt. I love how this lady added two pink squares!

  6. I love that one different square, too. My Grand'mere, who taught me everything about quilting and embroidery, said that we are all human and not perfect and should have one imperfect part to each of our quilts.....Julierose Love the new one too...

  7. I love the antique and your little quilt! Very,very inspiring. I also hand quilt, I do it for the process. Looking forward to fall and winter a great time to snuggle under a quilt and enjoy.

  8. There is something about simple block quilts...I love them...I like trying different designs, not too complicated, but I feel as if I am at peace when working with simple blocks...

  9. Your quirky vintage quilt purchase is much like how I shop. Sometimes the blocks or quilting or both are not that spectacular, but if there is some interesting, quirky fabric or design, I'm all over it if it's not too expensive.

    Have fun at the retreat. I know you will enjoy hand quilting while you visit with the ladies. Times moves at a different pace with doing hand work. That's what I love about it -- meditation.

  10. Your fabric choices, colors, and designs do make my heart sing.

  11. Actually, I equate simple with spectacular. I find great beauty (and peace!) in the simple things. Love every single thing about this post. That orange peel quilting is wonderful.

  12. Had to post twice.....

    Just noticed a picture of Mason the Golden Doodle in your side bar. Is that your dog? I don't know. Could be just an ad. Anyway, our family is thinking about adopting a Golden Doodle. We've been doing lots of research and contacting breeders. If Mason is yours, I'd love to know what you think of the breed so far! He sure is a cutie!!!!

  13. I love to hand quilt. It's relaxing. Cute quilts. I'm quilting spiderwebs on a table runner now.

  14. Somehow it is often the simple quilts that appeal to me the most. Less is more at times. Love hand quilting!

  15. I love hand work also. And it seems like the more hurried and techie my world gets, the more I gravitate towards the slow paced, tactful world of hand work!!



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